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Gutted to see the first BSB race of the season was cancelled due to snow, but at least there was some interesting racing at Valencia. I say interesting rather than good as I'm undecided about whether it was good or not at the moment. It was good to see Checa up at the front, but he came from far too far back on the very last corner in race one to take a well earned win from Neukirchner as they both rolled into the gravel. I was pleased to see Lanzi beat Bayliss to the line though.

The second race was better; less crashes for a start, but I was disappointed to see Checa slaughter everyone to get to the front, only to have an electrical glitch cause him to drop back down the order. Interesting to hear in the post-race interview though that he turned the traction control off so that he could get back up on the pace. I recall the commentators saying that he was the fastest on the track at one point and he had no traction control. Very impressive. But then, the guy was racing 500s with no traction control a few years back.

I was also pleased to see Kiyo finally get his act together in race two. Fourth place was an amazing result, especially considering he had Corser, Kagayama, Xaus and Biaggi right behind him. There are only a couple of names bigger than that in WSB and they got first and second. It was a good result for Ten Kate, even if Sofuoglu can't get his head around the Blade. Switch Rea and Sofuoglu for a round and see how they do in each others shoes :D

Regarding WSS, disappointed but not surprised to see Rea not doing so well. Also disappointed to see Pitt bin it. Jones deserved a medal for his performance on a woefully underpowered bike compared to the R6 of Foret that he was battling with for most of the race. I don't know where Lascorsz has come from either but the guy has impressed me with his pace and consistency this season already. He's leading the championship and could well be a contender. Was it just the home advantage or has he got the right package this year?

No great result for the 675 either, or for Walker or Gowland. Gowland was mixing with the big boys until he went off which was a shame. The guy is last in the points table according to the Eurosport broadcast.

Roll on the next BSB round in a fortnight anyway, I'm really keen to see how things pan out now with the new line up and the supersport tuning rules. I can't wait!
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