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Hey everyone, starting a rebuild thread for my wrecked 2011 cb1000r us model. I bought it wrecked, because the price was right, and I like projects. The issue is new parts are too expensive and it doesn't make sense to repair it with them cost wise, and used parts are not common for this model in the US. I knew this when I bought it, but so I'm looking at some transplant parts to make the wait shorter.

First item of business is forks. I'm looking for swap options from a different model..more on that down below.

Here's a basic list of what's broken:

Front forks, both are either partially broken or completely snapped.

Front Wheel bend and gouged

Brake discs warped but can probably be straightened

Steering stem bent, frame was fine

Radiator bend, leaking

Half of the headlight (I'll call it fairing for lack of it's technical name) is missing

Some scratches

Parts already purchased:

New radiator

New OEM steering stem from Honda, (tried a used 07 cbr1000rr stem hoping it would work to save some cash but it did not, length is too short but diameter was correct and so was the triple)

Parts needed:

Forks, I'm open to any other models that will work. I'm considering 07 cbr1000rr forks because from what I can tell they are the correct diameters, and just a little bit longer than the cb forks. I should be able to sag them or internally lower them. Please suggest other options if you know of any.

Front Wheel, either replace or have it repair. Repair estimate for the front wheel and brake disc straightening is around $400.

Front brake discs

And some other small miscellaneous items not worth noting.

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