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Our dedicated WIKI site is now open... just click the link in the main forum list.

Also if you are able to speak other languages and would like to help us translate the existing pages and even add more - perhaps more focused on your home country then please let us know..

Many thanks... enjoy!!

:respekt to Ant for setting up the Wiki.

Antnee said:
All forum members should already have a user account on the Wiki. You will however NOT have a password, so assuming the email address that you signed up to the forum is still valid then you should be able to reset your password and log in. Bear in mind that this appears to be case sensitive, so if your forum username is lowercase then your Wiki username will also be lowercase.

Thank you! :thumbup

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There's not much to see at the moment, but as is the way with Wiki's it will expand over time. We hope to fill it with various guides and reviews, and to keep a record of the different specifications of CB1000R over the coming years (I expect to see minor revisions every two or three years for a bit and a major one in say eight or nine if it proves popular)

As Dan says, help with different translations would be very welcome, likewise any different specifications.

Please note the quote in Dan's original message regarding your account on the Wiki. Ta! :thumbup
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