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What Jeans

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If you were gonna get some jeans for riding, rather than the usual leather or Gore Tex trousers, which would you get? Does anyone have any already? I hear good things about Draggin' Jeans, and I also like Dainese's Fantan jeans which have cordura and kevlar woven into the denim.
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How about these.....

...they are from Hein Gericke :lol

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You call them jeans? These were more what I was after:

They are Dainese's Fantan jeans. See how they look like jeans? I've still to this day never seen anything from HG that looks nice :sick
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Haha... yeah I knew what you meant by jeans... I do think HG do the type you are look at and their stuff tends to be good quality and much cheaper than the "style" brands.

The Draggin jeans look ok.. I was looking at them at the London Bike Show... I can't remember if Mark (Ripper) bought some... he said he was very interested. Must admit I was left thinking how would they be much better than normal jeans as I felt the protection was still minimal.

With the summer coming up it is something I'll revisit though as I am guilty of wearing just jeans and my leather HG jacket for short trips.
Actually, just looked in the HG catalogue... how wrong you are :lol

There are some different ones

First of all CRAIG II Sheltex pants, look like a bike/street hybrid black denim jean, with sheltex lining, 5 pockets, CE - they are £79.99, they have orange stitching around the seams etc. Nice matching jacket for £104.99

Jake II Jeans, these look more like the one you have said you like, with one seam across just above the knee... these are also black denim, with Sheltex etc.. £79.99 (there are acouple of nice jackets between (£80 and £100 that can be interchanged).

If you like camo styling then there are some called IICON Super Duty Pants? they are £69.99 and also some blue faded/worn style jeans called IICON Strongarm Pants.

The some called Carry II Sheltex pants... still look more like bike gear (around the knees) than straight denims but they look pretty good... they look to be very dark blue/black and have a sheltex lining so are showerproof. They cost £79.99 and there is a matching jacket costong £104.99

There are some nice ladies jeans called Jake Lady Jeans (not much good for you I know) and look more like everyday boot cut jeans they also cost £79.99.

So not a bad selection really... I might pop in there (I have a store just down the road from me).
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DAN said:
Actually, just looked in the HG catalogue... how wrong you are :lol
I don't geddit, what am I wrong about?
:shake used in the most general sense mate :p
Nope, lost me. Why don't we have an 'over my head' smiley? :lol
For Jjon !! :)
So... are you planning on elaborating Dan? I was how wrong about what?
Antnee said:
So... are you planning on elaborating Dan? I was how wrong about what?
How long have you got? :p
:lol If it's anything to do with this thread, then as long as needed :thumbup
Calm down, calm down.... some things are inexplicable :lol

I meant it as a generalised term.... you are not specifically wrong about anything.... but as an overview opinion, generalisation, by an individual (i.e. me) you are so wrong.... see I told you it can be explained! :lol

By the way... back on the subject of jeans... I was in my local HG tonight and they had a whole load of Draggin Jeans in there for £99.... I'm not sure how that compares with say online prices. Also the IICON jeans I mentioned above are pretty much the same but cost £20 less.. unfortunately they are next to impossible to get hold of according to HG.

My opinion of these Draggin Jeans was that the looked like a very basic jean... the sort of thing you can pick up in Primark for £10 :(

They are double stitched and obviously have kevlar in the main places, but I don't think they have enough protection around the knee. I'm sure they would be good in a slide but in my experience the first thing to touch down HARD is your knee cap... so it might not get scuffed but it will be shattered by the initial impact.

For more knee protection it seems that you have to go with the usual biker pants style...

These are the Craig II dark blue/black denim pants.... (they look better in the flesh)

They are OK... quite light.... I actually preferred the jacket as an everyday, casual looking garment.. loads of pockets which is a bonus... I'm quite tempted to buy the jacket alone... (it's £105 though :( )

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Getting back on topic I have a pair of Richa jeans ( with kevlar lining and hip and knee protection. I was wearing them last August when I had my accident. This was quite a low speed off,probably around 20 - 25 mph as I hit the road and started rolling. Did see the 'bike sliding along like a big sparkler along side me during the revolutions!! :cry

Here's the results:-
What you are looking at here is the inside leg of the left knee section. To the left of the seam is where the protector is.

So this is the same damage from behind the knee. Two holes through the denim.

This is the lining.I don't seem to be able to find any holes in it around the knee area although it is awkward to look.

This is the damage.

Obviously the jeans have twisted around the knee.My wound was full of road grit and dirt.Did the jeans do their job? I think so but I can't be certain.
I was wearing some soft,waterproof,protection-free,gloves and the wounds are similar. I know this is a very 'loose' comparison.

I now feel naked if I don't wear armoured gloves and my leathers. I do wear an excellent Richa summer jacket with good protection but I'm still not happy wearing my jeans. Maybe the "Draggin jeans" are better. There certainly shouldn't be any holes in them after a fall like mine if their ads are to be believed.I will NEVER ride my 'bike without wearing protective gear. Anyone who does is a twat.

I have pretty much decided that I will at sometime in the future buy protection that you wear under your everyday clothes.Ever thought of that Antnee? Anyone any experience of this method?
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Cheers guys. I have always been told that jeans are the next best thing to proper bike trousers, whether they be leather, cordura or whatever, but as you say, the thing that has put me off the most is the lack of padding in most. I just want something that doesn't make me look like I'm either a 50 year old tourer (as Gore Tex etc does) or like I'm on my way to a S&M party (as leather does). Something for local riding etc; rides to the pub and the like.

Thanks a lot for the write up too Steve
Yeah nice write up Steve... last time I saw your naked legs was in that toilet in Ypres :lol

Anyway I digress AGAIN! :lol

Well if the Richa's have padding as well then I'm not sure they did a very good job... personally I find that netted type lining really uncomfortable.

The problem with the jeans I guess is that for styles sake they are straight or baggy... the last time I wore skin tight stretch jeans was in about 1982 :lol

So there is always going to be a bit of movement... whereas my leathers fit nicely (now I'm a bit slimmer) ;)

A few years ago I came off my bike at 30mph... a slide on diesel... my bike went like Steves and my knee hit the road very hard.... only suffered some bruising. Evenso I am guilty today of just wearing jeans... at least the layer of kevlar would be better than nothing.
My trousers aren't very tight because a) they have a removable liner in them which obviously makes them looser when it's out and b) I normally wear jeans/trousers underneath so when I get to work or wherever I'm going I just take off the trousers and I'm good to go. When I came off a couple of years ago my hip was bashed up badly but my knees were fine. We all know about my elbow/ribs mind you, but jeans/leather trousers would make NO difference at all there :lol
I've got a pair of Hood Jeans . Model ND4.

I can't quite remember why I chose them over the draggins, but I think I had a reason. :)

The Construction is nice and heavy, and the Kevlar lining is pretty comprehensive. Also have proper knee armour, knox I think. And, because the armour is totally hidden between the lining & denim it doesn't catch at all.

They sit rather high, for sensible safety reasons I guess, but it does give a bit of a granddad / Simon Cowell look. My solution is to make sure my T-shirts not tucked in once the jacket is off.
The knee armour is a bit obvious when sitting down.
The hip armour gives you wide childbearing hips. I don't have this fitted as I always intended to fit thinner flexible rubber armour from HG. Really must get around to this. . .

Very much doubt the protection would be as good as a good set of leathers, but I reckon it'd be up there with most sets of textiles.

Hood also do a few other models, including the Concept6. Wouldn't particularly recommend that one though, the lining and armour don't work well together.

I use them quite a lot. Any time that I'm just riding in town, or going somewhere where I want to look human. As long as it's not pissing down at the time.

One thing, their sizing guide implies that they fit 'smaller' than normal jeans due to using true sizes. I found this to be untrue, and my normal jeans size was correct. However, they are very helpful on the phone if you ring them, so this was not a problem.
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Cheers Mac, that helps :thumbup
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