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Trashed Bike Gear

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I figure most of us have had a spill at some point right? Did you take any photos of how you bust up your gear though? I got a few photos of my old helmet from my accident a couple of years back which I've just found out again, figured I'd share them now:

Clearly I spent some time on both sides of my head and on my forehead. Smashed three teeth in that one, and bruised my forehead badly too. All in a 35mph-ish accident. I'll never buy an AGV again, that's for sure
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Fortunately all my spills have been very minor and with limited damage to my kit.

I think that AGV has come through quite well actually... did it fit you quite loosely for there to be movement inside it?
No, it was a snug fit, but the chin guard practically collapsed, causing me to smash teeth. It's just too close to my chin on the front too, I could do a Jimmy Hill and touch it easily with my chin. I can't do that with my Shoei XR-1000, which is a far superior helmet!
Cameras hadn't been invented when I wrecked my gear. :potty

Seriously don't think I've ever written off any gear from spill.
Scuffed crash helmets and leather jackets, wrecked jeans is about all. :thumbup

Wrecked bits of bikes is a different matter. :shake

Disappointed no-one's commented on yer pink dildo ... :eek
They have, but on Facebook, not on here :rollin
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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