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It only took 8 weeks in the shop, about 3k worth of parts and probably a few dozen hours of shop time, but the check engine light is off.

If anyone else gets this issue it was apparently caused by something with the wiring harness, cause replacing that fixed it. Some sort of loose connection or short or something.

Honda Corporate had some sort of black box recorder that they plugged in (eventually) during a ride and that basically diagnosed it. So ask for that, I guess.

Edit: In terms of "result" this is middle of the road IMO from my three options:

Best would have been a buyout with a new 2023. But that's kinda greedy, IMO.
Second is what happened, a fixed bike.
Third option was a cash buyout for the original price of the bike, which would have meant taking a hit on reselling all the sw motech stuff and then buying a new bike somewhere.

All in all, I came out pretty even, minus the 8 weeks or so I was missing the bike. There is some talk of extending my factory warranty by a couple years or throwing in some free services, so maybe I'll come out even there? I dunno, I do my own oil changes so I don't really care about free service, but maybe they'll give me some oil filters or something, lol. I'll know more in the next few days about the actual completed process.
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