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To Detune or Not To Detune?

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What do you think, should Honda have detuned the Blade engine or left it as is?

I know we've still to see the final specs, but the general opinion seems to be 130bhp max, which is a big chunk knocked off the 170bhp of the '07 Blade.

Alot of people would have been hoping for an all out, full power naked, Tuono style. I used to think the same until one night I did an experiment with the Hornet to see how long I could keep going for at 140mph.* Reckon I lasted for about 2 miles (max) and my neck was acheing for the next 2 days, quickly decided that a naked 175mph beast was pointless apart from pub talk.

BUT, will the CB be a detune or a retune? The loss of 40bhp should see better low and mid range pull, but will it be that noticeable? I'd like to think that the CB will quicker off the lights than a sportsbike, but can you really get any quicker? Seems to me that the litre sportsbikes are only being held back by tyres and the front coming up, on the road would the CB be faster from the lights? Will it be quicker out of corners? Bare in mind that as a 600 rider, Torque is something I've yet to experience, which is why I'm asking these questions. The loss of 40bhp isn't something that will deter me, I've no doubt that the power of the bike will blow my socks off, but those who are used to riding litre bikes may see 130bhp and think 'Nope, not enough power for me'.

*Your honour, please note that I'm a compulsive liar :hello
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Torque has got be the way to go. I'm often surprised how quick i'm riding even though i may not be thrashing it but that is part of the joy of the 900 Hornet's torque. Some consider it lazy or less exciting than chasing a red line but it tends to be the quickest way (rider dependant of course).
Nakeds are not about astronomical top speeds so 170 bhp is pointless. Remember that bhp is just torque x rpm (or something similar) so low torque and a high rev limit, as with a 600 sports bike, will give reasonable bhp as will high torque and lower rev limits. I'd rather have more torque (with plenty of bhp thrown in for good measure)
I might just be. The 02 Hornet is getting a little long in the tooth and needs the battery to be on charge regularly if i want it to start after more than a week of being left idle. Only 3 small issues to sort before i can splash some cash, 1) Need to see the facts figures and the bike in the flesh, 2) Some cash and 3) the missus (might have to get her a new car first which then makes no 2 more of a problem)
Had been thinking about going and talked a mate into going as well so i shall be there on the Friday
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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