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That reminds me..

Picture the scene...
A very hot day in the summer of 2000... I decide to go for a little trip down to Eynsford (little Kent village with a roman villa and later manor house) ON MY GILERA RUNNER :lol

Now the scene wouldn't be complete without a pair shades....

Down the lane I ride (those stupid little wheels are no good on bumpy roads)... very hot, visor up, shades cool - in flies a bee, I panic, almost drop the bike, rip my helmet off forgetting about the glasses.

Result was knackered sunglasses and well mangled face! :lol

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Not a bug but........

A few years ago soon after getting his first 'bike,a Daelim 125 chopper,my mate pulled up at a pub where all the tables outside where packed.He noticed that a lot of people where looking at him so, as cool as you like,he dismounted and made his way to a table and sat down.He took off his black "Roof" helmet and set it on the table.Then he saw the big,white splat of bird shit just above the visor!! :rollin
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