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OK, it's happening. Licensed, insured, honed up, and ready to ride! And as is tradition, that always involves a couple hours sorting out the brakes and chain.

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Light

turning 'this' into 'that'...

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exhaust Automotive fuel system Automotive design

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Gear Crankset

Font Electric blue Pattern Metal Fashion accessory

I think I mentioned that last fall I swathed the chain in Bellray grease. worked a treat - not a hint of rust after a season outdoors under a cover...

now if it would just stop raining!

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What's not to Licke?

T'was just 50yrs ago, the plane I was in rumbled down.
A nasal voice twanged "On our left ... San Nazayy".
On my side, the hills, the landmark observatory.

In @BigOne-94-14 pics was expecting to observe
half a century later,
anthills of little white dwellings creeping up the slopes.

Place seems spared for now.

There's pretty strict zoning regulations preventing San Jose from sprawling into the hills. It's really wonderful. We've ridden that road together. It's good to know it will continue to be relatively unspoiled.

Plus the natural barrier of that wonderful twisty road keeps most people away 🤩

However they are refurbishing a hotel that's about halfway up the mountain. It fell out of use decades ago, but used to be essential when the climb took 6 hours (!) by horse and cart.

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There's pretty strict zoning regulations...
Even in the People's Republic of Calinfernia zoning laws aren't forever.
Half a century later hoi polloi hasn't yet encroached the hills, good policing.

Plus the natural barrier of that wonderful twisty road keeps most people away 🤩
Spring and fall fragrance of pine, sage and thyme still there?

Only really enjoyed on a motorcycle.

Brutes sweating in spandex on pedal bikes
or hipsters slumped in a convertible with heated seat and wheel often miss it.
A blast from the Santa Ysabel past said:
However they are refurbishing a hotel...
At the ungodly hour of 14H I'd rather sit on the outdoor terrace sipping a postprandial coffee.

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So the Ducatis left you a space?
They are just dumb ass riders :LOL: no purpose in life - Just ride up and down the same avenue on 2nd or 3rd gear and make more noise than their bike travel.

By the way @Bevo what is a Super Moderator, is it like a Senior position :sneaky:
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