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So What's the Deal...?

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Is this a Doble Motorcycles sponsored site? I ask as they get a lot of mentions here, plus their website is the only one I know that advertises Not a problem, just wondered. Maybe Paul Styles and Mike Doble are keeping an eye on all our comments here...! Maybe they are amongst us..!
Another thing, what discounts are available with Doble by joining this site? If I order a 1000R on their open night on 1st July, do I get a more favourable deal? The blurb on their site seems to sugest so. Cheers all.
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We're more 'supported' by Doble than sponsored. Whereas some other sites take money to put towards things like operating costs from sponsors, we have asked Doble to pass on a larger discount to members instead. See this page for further information (you may need to add yourself to the Discounts user group to see this)
Yes it is as Ant says....

Basically I and to be honest quite a few other regulars here have a relationship with Doble Motorcycles that goes back a number of years. In my case I purchased my first bike (a 600 Hornet) from them in 2001. Shortly after this "Buzzwagon" and I agreed a discount scheme with Paul for members of the Hornets Nest. About a year later I agreed a sponsorship scheme for the Hornets Nest that continues to this day.

In 2007 I and a number of others parted company with the Hornets Nest The Vest was created and this was then replaced by Bikehackers, Paul was again more than supportive in offering Bikehackers members further discounts. This was then extended considerably when we created (as per the link Ant has added above).

The bottom line is that it costs you nothing to join the club and in return you get significant discounts. Unlike other existing clubs (and also a possible competitor for that we know about) this is not a business venture and we do not personally benefit from the relationship with Doble Motorcycles (other than members discounts). Doble Motorcycles do not pay us a sponsorship fee - we didn't need one, can't see any reason why we should in the future. It's probably more appropriate to say that Doble Motorcycles are supporting you for your loyalty to them and the Honda brand.
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DAN said:
we do not personally benefit from the relationship with Doble Motorcycles (other than members discounts).
Exactly! Even though I live near Nottingham, I've ordered my CB1000R from Doble purely because they can do me a better deal as a member than the local dealers. I've never dealt with them previously, preferring to stick with dealers who I can pop in to without burning a few tanks worth of petrol, but my limited experiences so far already tells me I made a good decision.

What you need to remember Loadmaster, is that while the Doble name is on the site, they don't influence anything that we say, or recommend. The only reason that we would recommend that you use Doble is because of the fantastic offers that you can get by being a member of this site and personal recommendation, based on individual experiences. This is certainly not a place for Doble to spout any propaganda, ie this is not a Doble Honda controlled channel. We will however pass on any news of relevant discounts etc that Doble offer, as a service to our members, since it benefits you to know about it :thumbup
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That's right, we are in it for the fun. :thumbup

If Dobles were doing deals with us, I would build a big-ass conservatory, but since my garden is bereft of a glass summer-house extension, you can take this as proof positive that Dough Balls don't pay into or influence the site.

They do offer some great discounts though, and the best part is - it is free to join. No grubby (fivers) blood money here my friend. Come in, sit down - i'll fetch the beers. :beer


In 2007 I and a number of others parted company with the Hornets Nest
That line nearly made me pee. You should be Gordon Brown's spin doctor.
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A man with some style is TAD :rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin :smoke
OK, thanks guys - I think I understand that now. I've checked and I've got my membership number. As I said in my introduction message, Ive bought a few bikes from Doble over the past 10 years or so. I look forward to doing business with them again....
It's not a bad deal is it eh? You can thank Dan for negotiating that one for us! :clap
Quite right - well done that man....!
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