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Hi all after getting new tyres fitted and putting it back on and putting the callipers back I have just managed to snap the bolt holding the calipers on is it safe to ride the bike and how will I get it out so I can fit a new one

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Not advisable to ride !!! on a fire blade they are stretch bolts it’s possible there the same and need to changed when doing the pads you need a engineer Or good mechanic to drill it out and rethread caliper and fit new larger bolt not easy job but will have to be done correctly

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...on a fire blade they are stretch bolts ...
Wow :unsure:

Case the bike would be a CB1000R, a sturdy trusty, battle hardened work mule.
Honda forgot to write about stretch bolts on calipers in the shop manual?

Mebbe Honda not all that good at engineering. need a engineer Or good mechanic to drill it out and rethread caliper...
Or a power drill
there are clips to show how to hold the tool.

Grab the drill by the handle, not the bit.
Hammer in an extractor (from a reputable brand).
Unscrew the broken stub.

Since it's already broken the stub isn't stretched or tensioned anymore.

Threading; rethreading the caliper ?

On some CB1000R the bottom of the fork leg is threaded.
Hence threading the front caliper looks shortsighted practice at best.

Get new bolts.
Part number easy to find.
and different from Fireblade "stretch bolts".

New caliper bolts for the CB1000R are said ALOC
hence better replaced.
Especially when broken...

Torque the new bolts in.
45 N.m big bolts or 30 N.m smaller bolts
check manual and your model of CB1000R.

All you need is the manual, a torque wrench, new bolts, basic tools and skills.
No engineers are harmed in the whole process.

Brakes are safety components, remember
they really need proper maintenance and care.
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