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Ride by wire Throttle Tube Replacement

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I effed up my right hand switch gear in a get off so I bought a new one.
But the throttle tube/grip were fine so I was just going to swap it over to the new switch housing.
I cannot figure out how to get the throttle tube out of the switch housing...
So I've got 2 and I can't figure out how to remove/install 9.

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You'd think once you've split the shell in two the grip/tube would just slide out forwards, but no!
Does anyone know the trick?
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@KreativeKreature Thanks for digging those up for me! Unfortunately the top two were cable throttles and the last one he doesn't disassemble the switch/throttle housing, but I really appreciate the effort!

But the good news is that I figured it out myself... turns out after you split the housing you then have to undo 4 more screws to get the guts to slide out of the housing which allows you to put the throttle tube back in...

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Thanks everyone!
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