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Paid My Depsit

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God knows how i found this bike, but I stumbled on it last week some how, and promptly called my local dealer, for some more info.

Well after 10 minutes on the phone I placed my order.

I was told April/May delivery(can anyone confirm this). That seems a little optimistic, as apparently only 1 bike exists at the moment!!!

Need mine by may for my annual Trip to scotland.

Anyway, look forward to seeing the bike in person at Hunts on 23rd February.
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Hi Peter and :welcome to the forum!

Dates given by dealers are varying at the moment but what yours has told you appears to be the way they're all going. Fingers crossed they will be here by then.

What's the deal with yours then? I know there's no official price set yet and some people have been told £7,500 max. If the price comes in lower then they pay less, if higher then £7,500 is the most they'll pay. What about deposits also if you don't mind? And the most important question has to be: what colour did you order? :D

Anyway, welcome again to the site and I hope this will be the first of many visits :D
Were you in the market for a litre bike anyway?
Thanks for the welcome.

I was told around 7K for the NON ABS and 1K more for the ABS version.

I have chosen the NON ABS as my thoughts are ABS has no place on a bike!!!!!

Chosen black.

Just hope there is a Carbon belly pan being designed right now, by somebody????

Wasnt really after a 1 litre bike, I have had loads of bikes, and just fancied something a little different, from the sports stuff taht I usually go for.

Last bike was a gsxr 600 K6, and it was a great little bike, plenty quick enough for me. Took it to 3 track days last year and had a ball.

I do plan to continue with a couple of track days with this cb1000R!!!

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So it's your first naked litre then? Talk about put your money where your mouth is :respekt . Best colour choice too :thumbup
Yes indeed great choice of bike and colour...

:welcome Pete... I like your style.... "Afternoon love.... yeah I saw this bike so gave the deal a call.... I don't know exactly how much it's going to cost and when I'll get so I bought it anway!" :lol :respekt

And I think you are officially our first member to actually put a deposit down.... I'm looking forward to seeing pics of all these bikes on their eventual delivery day.

Enjoy your stay, any problems let us know :thumbup
Good choice of colour, though I must admit that I don't have a problem with ABS on bikes. I have locked the front on my first Hornet twice (well, technically once; it locked, gripped then locked again) and it scared me to death, and I know people who swear by it, but I won't be buying one. It's not *just* ABS either, it's Honda's CBS (Combined Braking System). Besides, I want the radial brakes and they're standards on the ABS models at the moment I gather.
I was under the impression they were radial brakes anyway... just the configuration of the caliper pistons is different..

ABS on bikes is OK.. but I think it should be a standard feature and doesn't justify the hefty premium that manufacturers charge forthe feature.
I don't know. I've not seen any radial ABS brakes yet personally. Figured that was one reason why the Fireblade doesn't have it on this model. The 2010 model will have it as an option though, as will the 09 CBR600RR; probably the same (or similar) to the CB's if it gets radial ABS brakes
Here you go mate... straight from the horses mouth so to speak...

High-Performance Wheels and Brakes
Like Honda’s top Super Sports riding machines, the new CB1000R’s dynamically styled 4-spoke cast aluminium wheels mount high-performance Z-rated Super Sports tyres including an impressively wide 180/55 17" radial rear tyre. Providing outstanding performance to back up their distinctive looks, these tyres further ensure precisely responsive high-speed cornering control for exhilarating street riding capability. Held in place by four bolts the CB’s Pro-Arm mounted rear wheel further accentuates its cool urban looks in the area beneath its short, upswept tail cowl.
Fast bikes need strong brakes, and in its basic configuration, the new CB1000R mounts an impressive pair of radial-mount four-piston front callipers like those fitted to Honda’s race-winning CBRs. These lightweight yet powerful callipers grip wide 310mm drilled floating discs for high-performance braking control on par with the hottest Super Sports. At the rear, mounted to its eye-catching Pro-Arm swingarm is a compact dual-piston calliper slowing a 256mm disc for a superior balance of smoothly responsive braking control.
Optional Combined-ABS Version
The new CB1000R is also available in an advanced Combined-ABS configuration that features the powerfully reassuring braking control of Honda’s long-proven Combined Brake System coupled with the smooth, confidence-inspiring operation of its popular Antilock Brake System. Visually, the only major difference between the CB1000R’s standard and Combined-ABS versions are its front callipers and lower fork castings. Replacing the standard version’s high-performance radial-mount 4-piston callipers are a set of responsive three-piston callipers gripping the same 310mm floating rotors. Each wheel also mounts a small pulsar ring, which is constantly monitored by the Antilock Brake System.
The ABS portion of the CB1000R’s highly effective Combined Antilock Brake system operates in precisely the same way as Honda’s other ABS-equipped models. When braking over uneven or slippery road surfaces, this high-accuracy system instantly reacts to the most minute variations in the relative speed of the two wheels, predicting and counteracting tyre slip before it occurs. With precise control, this system maintains just enough brake pressure for smooth and steadily controlled deceleration that greatly enhances confidence in the CB1000R’s ability to stop quickly and surely.
Its proven Combined Brake System links the rear brake pedal to both the compact dual-piston rear brake calliper and the centre piston of its right-side three-piston front brake calliper to provide a measured balance of front brake control whenever the rear brake is firmly used. An inline delay valve ensures that light operation of the rear brake, such as when trailing through a corner, has little or no effect on front brake operation.
Stronger pressure applied to the rear brake pedal results in just enough front brake engagement to provide a more effective balance of front and rear braking forces for smoothly controlled operation. The remaining five pistons of the two three-piston front brake callipers are controlled in a conventional manner by the hand brake lever and provide reassuringly strong braking control to match the CB1000R’s aggressive sportbike riding capability.
Aggressive and confident sportbike riding also requires strongly assured braking performance, and the CB1000R’s advanced Combined-ABS version provides an exceptional level of smoothly responsive braking control to give all riders more confident stopping power in situations where optimal braking capability is crucial.
Edit... it's the same system as I had on my 04 VFR... it is good.... very responsive and does what it says.... one thing you notice is the bike is less likely to dive because of the combined effect of the front and rear brake. On the downside you can't very easily force the bike to stop DEAD sharp....whilst my FZ1 brakes are sharper and faster... braking is perhaps not as controlled (add to that rain, cold tyres, poor road surface) it's in those situations that ABS systems helps.

No its not my first litre Naked bike.

I had an Aprilia Tuono a couple of years ago.

Great bike, stonkin engine, but sold it and got a Fireblade, cos the wife said I looked daft on the Tuono!!!!

Hope she doesnt say that about the CB1000R.

I am sure some the ABS does what it says, It just isnt my thing.

Does anybody know who is doing the first Test Report????


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I am sure some the ABS does what it says, It just isnt my thing.

Does anybody know who is doing the first Test Report????
Yes I kind of agree... it is good but not worth the extra cash... I'd rather spend the money on aftermarket bits to individualise the bike a bit.

Test Report?... do you mean by the magazines or by us (the club).... if it's the latter then at the moment I have no firm details... we do have a little treat up our sleeves but that is still in the planning stage.... so again, I'm sorry but I will let everyone know once things are more definite.
Dan, I didn't think the quotes from Honda really cleared much up at all. So the brakes are as I suspected and not radial?
see be thou

Brakes are Radial, probably off last years Fireblade.

Ant, they are radial i.e. the way they are mounted to the fork and suspended over the disc, but the the non ABS version has 4 pistons (2 on each side).

Now they quote a 3 piston caliper on the ABS version... I seem to remember my VFR having 6 pistons (3 on each side of the disc).... the way they work is (if I remember correctly)

Front brake only - the outer for pistons are engaged

Rear brake only - the two inner pistons are engaged

both brakes - all pistons are engaged

The ABS system also monitors the wheel movement and if necessary stems the pressure to any of the calipers... the system has brake lines running all over the place!! :lol It is certainly an expensive system to have if you plan to replace the brakelines with braided alternatives - here for example is the VFR replacement kit (consisting of 11 lines... no wonder it is £250 :eek ) ... EL-CBS.htm
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Actually thinking about it, I believe it was a 3 pot caliper system, the pad on one side remains static... so effectively you have less power on the 3 pot ABS system unless some form of pump/servo can increase as well as decrease braking pressure at the caliper more efficiently than a direct feed from the lever
:banghead I know the (standard) brakes are radial, they're the '08 Blade's brakes, I meant the ABS/CBS brakes. Originally I said that I didn't think they would be radial, to which I got a reply from Dan saying (I thought) that they were radial. I said that I had never seen radial ABS brakes and then we got the info that they're the same as on the 04 VFR, which aren't radial. When I said "So the brakes are as I suspected and not radial?" I meant the ABS; I'm well aware that the standard ones ARE radial (and I know what radial brakes are too Daniel San :finger )

All this in a blooping introduction thread :lol
Ohhhh get you <really wishing I had added that handbags at dawn emoticon> :twofin

Standard and ABS are radial.... I believe.... Radial as I understand it refers to the mounting position and method of a caliper over the disc. The type of caliper and overall braking system is not necessarily relevant.

More Info on Radial Brakes Here

On this basis I believe that both standard and Abs versions are radial.... but the look and component parts of the caliper will be different. The wheel hub/disc carrier will also be slightly different as the ABS version includes the sensor wheel (I can't remember the proper name for it). After the caliper, sensor and sensor wheel the system will look identical... except that the ABS version hose will run back to the ABS gubbins on I believe the left side of the bike.
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I thought the pics of the CB1000R in Multimedia were a ABS model... not so sure now... it does have two lines running down to the rear brake (a tell tail sign of linked brakes)

But I can't see the ABS sensor or sensor wheel on the front.
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