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Yup - it's the Daily Mail, yet again.

Seems this fella is a 'victim' for flying a flag.

Can anyone spot the flaw in his logic?

Last night, the fireman and former soldier hit out at the "disgraceful" waste of taxpayers' money.
"It's a £5 flag, not hurting anyone, and they're probably spending hundreds of pounds of our cash getting me to take it down. That could be spent on improving the local area."
Well then, bloody well take it down and save us all a few quid!


The comments from the outraged Daily Mail reader also made me chuckle:

More pc madness. What is the world coming to when you can't fly a flag?

- Donald Dehaviland, Fleet,Hampshire,England
Shocking. Who cares?

It's a flag, so what? What harm is it doing?
Absolutely nothing.

This just about sums this country up!

A country full of 'sad, vindictive, over zealous killjoy jobs-worths' who are hell bent on stopping anyone having any fun.

- Neil Robinson, Hartlepool, England
Just take the flag down!

Erm excuse me, but any ordinary person would have taken the flag down after the party. I know one should never judge a book by its cover, but after looking at the photograph, I am very glad I don't live next door to them, it's all in the eyes.

- Petra Court, Cardiff / Wales
And who'd have thought the voice of reason would come from Wales!
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