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Ordered my CB1000R and waiting for more specs...

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Hi all,

I just sold my Suzuki intruder 1400 and ordered a CB1000R Sword Silver Metallic + ABS, it should arrive in week 32 of 2008.
I still have a Yamaha V-max in my garage but it is scattered over some it needs some work still to get it on the road.
I drove a suzuki intruder 1400, a suzuki intruder 800 and a honda VF750SC before but I have to say that I'm crazy about the looks of the CB1000R....

Does anybody know when we will receive the official CB1000R power & torque specs?

Greetings from Belgium,

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Yep, :welcome Balle!

I too am leaning towards the silver bike. I wanted the black and I was all set to have one but money problems cropped up which delayed the deposit and it's now delayed for another month or so. I'm still torn on the colour but I think it's gonna be silver too.

Great to have you here anyway, keep us up to date on any news you get eh? While it's entirely feasible that the delivery dates and even the specs of the Belgian bike will be different to others like the UK spec model we do have other Belgian users (as Dan pointed out) and that info would no doubt be invaluable to them also.

Hopefully catch you on a ride over your way some time in the near future too! :thumbup
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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