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Only in America...

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A couple of New Yorkers tried to cash a Social Security cheque belonging to their recently deceased friend.

They reportedly tried to cash the $355 (£181) cheque on Tuesday, but were told by a clerk that Mr Cintron had to be present.
They returned to the flat that one of them shared with Mr Cintron and partially dressed the corpse before loading it into a chair and wheeling it back to the shop, police said.
Passers-by watched as they left the body outside the shop and went in to cash the cheque.
The clerk again insisted Mr Cintron had to be with them and as they returned to fetch him, they were stopped by Detective Rapp.

The officer said he thought the figure was a mannequin or a dummy at first.
"I thought it was a joke, honestly," he told AP.
One onlooker was not so sure.
"I saw this guy sitting in this chair with his head back," restaurant worker Victor Rodriguez, 38, told AP.
"He looked very dead. He looked very sick. His eyes were closed. He wasn't moving."
'He looked very dead' indeed :lol
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