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NSC fork seals

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Got a leaky fork seal after about 20,000 km due to my terrible wheelie abilities and setting it down too hard too often. I was going to take them in but last year the shop charged me $400 to change the seals on my kawasaki so I decided to do it myself. Watched a couple videos and doesn't look too complicated. Got them apart today and letting them drain, should have time to put it back together tomorrow.
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due to my terrible wheelie abilities and setting it down too hard too often.
Just throttle up your wheelies and let the traction control take care of wheel lift.
if I remember it just flashes the gear and wont shift until its back down.
Well you could try to old school it and roll off the throttle slightly like with clutchless upshifts
I don't understand what you mean by roll OFF the throttle;). When leaving from a stop the bike prefers to be full throttle at least until winding out 2nd gear, then its ok to roll off a little when shifting into 3rd. At least thats how my bike likes to behave!!
To get it into 2nd during wheel lift, unload the tranny so you can make the shift into 2nd by using the throttle.
with the wheel in the air it wont let me shift with the quickshifter,
Okay, on my way to work this morning I throttled up a wheelie in 1st, while I had front wheel lift with the TC light flashing, the QS allowed me to shift into 2nd as if the front wheel were on the ground.
Interesting, I've tried numerous times
If you're clutching up wheelies that might make it more difficult. I know there are some subtle ECU differences between the '19 and '21
Not clutching up, just hard off the lights and with the tire in the air between 7-10k just trying to click into 2nd
Because of the long throw I occasionally hit neutral from 1st with just relaxed riding if I don't put enough force behind it, even on my SC77 SP and every Honda I've owned.
I don't usually have that problem, I am typically wearing steel toe work boots.
Footwear Shoe Outdoor shoe Walking shoe Grey

Always on the NSC

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Always on the SC77 SP

I keep dress shoes at work.
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These are my dress shoes for work
That's still good gear for riding. I've seen idiots with shorts and flip-flops.
it has provided a couple pucker moments!!
Another reason why I always wear moto specific boots.
tc flashes and cuts the throttle setting the bike back down
Yup, that's exactly what's supposed to happen when the TC light flashes.
I thought you were saying that it was letting you click into 2nd and keep going.
With TC on, it let's me shift into 2nd, but it eases back the throttle until the front wheel is back on the ground. The QS shouldn't be affected with the TC off.

Most cars and bikes turn the TC back on at restart.
MY 2018-2019 have a trigger on the leading edge of the left handle bar controls.
Torque Control can be turned on and off by pressing and holding the Torque Control switch.

But 21+ got Battery voltage display :D
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:eek: ?
21+ took away the anti-fun-police button?

also known as the "f##k-it" button :D
Yup, they removed the trigger. You've got to go into the settings to turn off TC which by default turns back on at every engine restart.
Buy hey, you can see the battery voltage.
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