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Nottinghamshire Meet/Rideout

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I'm looking at organising a meet/rideout in Nottinghamshire some time this spring which is independent of any site, it's just for anyone who wants to come along. It's been posted on another site already and I'm now offering it to any CB users who might want to come along.

Was thinking of a two parter ride as I know some people come a fair distance just to get to the meeting place.

Part One:
The Hutt to Gunthorpe (includes petrol stop just outside Nottingham) 15 miles

Part Two (a):
Gunthorpe back to The Hutt - 28 miles


Part Two (b):
Gunthorpe back to The Hutt - (appended run through Underwood/Moor Green) 36 miles


Part Two (c):
Gunthorpe back to The Hutt - via Clay Cross Powersports - 68 miles


Part Two (d):
Gunthorpe back to The Hutt - via Clay Cross Powersports (appended run through Underwood/Moor Green) - 77 miles

The plan is for a 1pm meet and leaving at 2pm at the earliest to give anyone who got delayed time to get there. Don't aim to be there for 2 as if you're late then we'll go without you, even if it's just me on my own :lol
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Looks good mate... bit of a trek for me though.
Yeah, didn't think those of you right down south would be interested, but if you change your mind... :D
You never know mate... a few of the guys are happy to travel... what is it?... about 150 miles from London??
About an hours run innit? Not on a FZ of course!! :taunt2
Put me down, count me in, add me to the list or whatever you Nottingham types do. It is a bit of a ride from London to Nottingham but that doesn’t put me off. How about mid next month, March?
I'm WAS game for mid-march, until a friend informs me that he can't do March at all, so some time in April maybe? Any takers?

When I looked it was something like 170miles from my house to Dobles, and The Hutt is closer to Dobles than my house is, by a whopping 5 or 6 miles, so it's a fair trek. It's a cool pub though and I love the roads, and it'll be cool to meet some peeps too. If anyone wants to come and wants accommodation I can investigate for you, but I can't put anyone up myself on account of the fact that my house is a tip and there's no room. Sorry! :D
April 12th, how's that?
If I was coming mate that would be bloody perfect!! :thumbup

Does this help?
Yes Steve, that helps loads Mumble mumble grumble
Had it been Easter Monday we'd have been up for it. Nottingham's only Donnington innit, a long a exceptionally boring blast up the M1 and you're there in an hour, or if you're with Felix 2 hours and via Birmingham!! ;) ;) ;)

I'd have loved to have had it on Easter weekend, but we've got loads of plans already (something to do with the wifes birthday or something) and March seems bad for a lot of people too, so April it is. It's only two weeks later :thumbup
Updated original post to explain that I'm planning on meeting at 1pm and leaving the pub at 2pm at the earliest incase there are straglers on the way there. See any of you guys there? :cool
You know I'll be there...

...and make this my first see-bee-thou post... :thumbup
Added another possible second parter through some roads I've recently been introduced to that are a lot of fun. Bumps part two to 77miles. There's no reason why we couldn't add that part on to the 28mile part two if people would rather?
First post here - to confirm my texts yesterday Ant, we'll be there!
Excellent Moz! Glad you could make it. I was actually just off to bed when I thought "I know, I'll check to see if there's been any action on the thread about this meet that Ratty posted on another site". I popped over to read all sorts of bitching about it not being a Hornet meet, and then it's been locked by some jumped up half-moderator who used to call himself my friend. How about that? :lol I'm sure I'll get over it.

Anyway Mozza, will you be there whatever, or is it weather dependant? I know you're on the Ducati so I figure you wouldn't want to risk the rust? :lol

Will see you all (who are coming) in a couple of weeks... it's nearly here now! Lets hope we have the weather that we had today. I did a 17 mile ride for petrol today (it's only 0.5mile to the petrol station!). Hey, it's no "Long Way Round" but what's the point of emptying the tank again when I only went for fuel? :blah
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I think that thread hit a few raw nerves didn't it... :angry

..and I didn't even have to stoke the fire... :taunt

Got bike out yesterday (Sun) as it was soooo nice out... :love

...and I'm sure I got shadowed by 'stealth' bike cop :police on way home... :banghead

Still behaved myself and pootled along enjoying the sunshine... :thumbup

Ant' have a word with him upstairs for same weather for the 12th... :pray

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Oh man, tell me about it, it's great weather isn't it? I'm afraid I don't have the big man's ear. I've committed the gravest of sins by working here with Dan so I'm out on my ear man. And yeah, that post did. Amusingly I've had an email saying that it was locked because of how it was heading off topic. And who started that then? :lol Oh, :hello there people from another site who are too good for me, didn't see you there! :taunt
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