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A week ago while I was out on a ride, the Mrs called to let me know that the washer had gone pop. She was in a mad panic about cash and how we'd pay for a new one now and wouldn't listen to reason. As so many women seem to, she turned to the catalogue to provide her with a new washer. She ordered it and paid £20 to have it delivered and installed and the old washer taken away. I didn't mind this as there was no way I could get it taken away.

Anyway, the following day (last Sunday) the catalogue called to say that the three day, fit and collect service was unavailable and they'd have to switch us to a 10 working day delivery and we'd have to dispose of the old washer ourselves. She said "oh yeah, that's fine" while I'm sat there screaming "NO, NO IT'S NOT FINE, TELL THEM TO F*CK THE ORDER, WE'LL GET ONE FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE" but she just shook her head at me like I didn't understand what was happening.

Fast forward to yesterday: The new washer was delivered and left in the living room in packaging. We left it till today to unwrap it and set it up. I moved the old one onto the back yard and cleaned up the floor under and behind where the washer goes. While I'm at it I hear "I don't f*cking believe it!" come from the living room. I went in to find the Mrs trying to push the control panel of the washer back on. There was a big crease in the top panel too. I took it off to see if I could get the front panel fitted properly but upon removing the top we found that the main strut in the front was bent in the same place as the crease in the top panel, and it was pulling the front plastics in on themselves, causing them to kink out, pushing the panel off. I couldn't fit it back on. I said "don't worry, I'll bend it back and it'll be OK" but she was adamant that it was going back. She called them up and they agreed to remove the washer and credit her account.

So, still needing a washer, we popped out to Currys. After a short while playing with the display stock in the store we decided on a new washer. I called one of the staff over and said "we want to buy this one please". We went over to the till and gave our details. The store, erm, person, said "we do a next day delivery but you came in after 12 so it'll have to be Monday, is that OK?". "Monday? As in Bank Holiday Monday?" I asked. "Yes sir, we deliver 7 days a week now" was the reply. My God, Currys do something good! If only I'd known sooner we wouldn't have bothered with those idiots at the catalogue (you can see how much I care for catalogues; I don't even know which one she uses). Not only do they deliver next day, or even on Sundays and Bank Holidays, but they install the new one and take the old one away, FOR FREE!

We'll see how the rest of the story pans out; will it come when it's supposed to? Will the installers trundle filth through my house? Will they spray my kitchen with gallons of water? Who knows, but at this point I'm well impressed! :thumbup

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Erm probably Yes to your last questions :lol

Oh yes I have had to put up with a few of those washer/tumbledryer/hoover/hair straightener moments.. we everything has to stop because domestic hell is sure to ensue!

Our last washing machine moment was a couple of months ago but we went down to B&Q where you can take them away there and then (MPV's are hand for some things other than carting kids around), straightforward swap over on the pipe work so no probs there.
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