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Been to Manchester today to the Dainese D-Store so I could try on and pick up some new gear ready for the summer. Found an awesome jacket but the ONE that they had in stock was a little too tight so I ordered one online that's a size larger:

This is the Portland jacket, which comes with the back protector that you can see through the back mesh. Really comfy, good protection and should be thin enough to keep me cool while riding in summer. Also picked up some jeans for while I'm riding locally going to friends etc:

Dainese Fantan jeans. They're like Draggin jeans in that they're pretty much just jeans with kevlar and all that woven in to them so the abrasion resistance is pretty good, but there are no pads in them. I'll just use them for popping round the corner or down to the pub most likely and keep the normal trousers with all the gear in for the rides :thumbup

Plenty of money spent! :thumbdown The store in Manchester is pretty good though, despite being smaller than I expected and lacking enough stock. Staff are friendly and helpful and it's dead easy to find. We just followed the roads into Manchester off the M67 and ended up driving right past it. Found the nearest car park and walked back. Just across the road from a Wetherspoons and a SubWay too :thumbup
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