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After 36 years of riding and five fireblades, of varying model during that period, I decided I wanted to slow down a little and went from sports bikes to a naked then onto the VTX1300s.(my wife bought it me for my 50th)

I've had it for a couple of years and love riding it when it's dry and sunny, but those living in the UK will know that dry and sunny are rare occurences. I just don't feel confident on the VTX in anything but good conditions which is a shame.

So i'm looking for an alternative. Reliable, comfortable, having a fireblade engine is just a bonus, so i'm in the market for a CB1000R, probably around 10 years old (i'm not keen on the newer version) once i've sold the VTX.

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Hi there and welcome. I am also a UK rider, so I understand our weather, very often awful. I have been riding motorcycles off and on for at least 60years. Started as a kid riding mopeds in a field. Lol. Last year after a 15year break from bikes, I bought a 2010 low mileage CB1000R, love it. Before that I had a Kawasaki ZRX1200S. I think like me, you will find the Honda very comfortable and fun to ride. It certainly does react to rider input far faster than the Kawasaki muscle bike. I service my own bikes and I have found most of the service is quite easy, especially using the Haynes manual for information. Changing the spark plugs is a bit of a hassle mind, especially getting to plugs 2 and 3. Am I happy with the bike though in my advanced years of age, oh yes. Here is a photo of my bike while I was in the middle of a cold winter ride out. Brrrrr
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