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What about those lucky moments... the time you nearly dumped it but just managed to scrape by.... sometimes it's those moments you can remember more clearly than the offs..... such is the sinking feeling they give as you realise "sh*t that was a close one"

I had a moment this morning.... at about 45mph on a elevated motorway junction roundabout...... power is on and then the backend went... sliding for what felt like about 10 metres but was probably no more than a metre - fortunately I held my position and kept the power on and pulled out of it.

I have had a few like that..... and a few really scary ones on ice where the bike has gone left then right and left and right :eek

But one of the worse moments has to be when you are carrying too much speed and you can see it coming... a group of bikes or a car stationary, you're hard on the brakes... the front forks bottom out and the front wheel bobs around as it looses traction - I have never hit anyone from behind but I have come close :pray
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I have never hit anyone from behind

One that sticks in my mind was the Darenth Interchange roundabout (where the A2 meets the M25) one very wet day. Going around it at a fair pace when I hit some deisel, front and back went at the same time but somehow managed to get a foot on the ground and 'bounce' the bike back upwards.
The following day I went a different route, didn't fancy that again, and came to a very sharp turn (raining again). Went round it very slow and bolt upright, still being nervous from the previous day, and felt the wheels squirming around on diesel FFS, so glad I was going slow :eek
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