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Yesterday i went for a short ride after i oiled the chain and noticed the mil light was on solid, switched the bike off and back on again and still there but bike ran as normal, everything seemed fine and no obvious fault was found.

Since the light was on solid and not blinking the fault was set but not present anymore according to what i understand.
Being the curious kind i looked up how to display the code with the red dlc connector under the rear seat and found the code to be 6 long flashes and seven short ones ( 67 ), i recorded the code on video and let it run twice to be sure it was the only code set to not make a mistake, after this i used the dlc connector to erase the code which it did successfully and the light is now off after initialisation as per normal so all is well.

So far a search on the net has not produced a cause for this 67 code but i did notice it happened after a " hiccup " start, the engine seemed to stop in the middle of the starter motor run as if the ignition fired before tdc, on a second attempt the engine fired up in the usual way, the battery is two years old, original yuasa agm, ( cap 5 Ah measured recently ) and has normally enough capacity to start the engine and i made sure the battery cables have good connections.

The bike is a 2019 red neo with 6000 km on the odometer and runs fine, just wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience.

Have the list for fault codes but it does not list this 67 one, does anyone have more info on these "rear" codes?
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