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Midlands/Notts Meet Summer 07

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Getting ready for the next turn of the Notts guys to organise a meet (me?) I would like to propose this approx 60mile, 2hour (according to Google Maps) run around the area:

Antnee's Adventure

This ride, as usual, runs from The Hutt in Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire, and runs out to Southwell, the long way round (as you can see from the shape of the route) before turning back and heading down the A617 towards the A614.

Once there, we head down the A614 for a bit and turn through Haywood Oaks, some fun roads that separate the ex-mining village of Blidworth from the main roads.

Out the other side via another short but fun road, we find ourselves on the new bypass around Mansfield which we follow round to the legendary Kings Mill Hospital; famous for doing nothing right, including fixing my elbow.

Turning back onto the route that I have to do every day heading towards the M1 junction 27, but over we go, through Underwood and onto some fun roads (when there's no traffic) that will eventually bring us back onto the Hucknall bypass.

After this we head through Linby and Papplewick, my route of choice on the way home when the weather's good, and back out onto the A60 just a couple of hundred yards from the Hutt for a recharging drink/meal before everyone heads their separate ways.

If I'm honest then I'll admit that I've never done this ride before but instead looked for fun roads around here without going too far out or staying too close. I'll try the route out before hand and aim for an end of July meet time I think. Hopefully there will be some CB1000Rs with us by then. Maybe this will be the first meet that members of this site will take part in where CB1000Rs will be part of the group? Fingers crossed
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OK, officially these roads rock! Went out on them today with a couple of mates and a new guy who I met through While out a guy on a black 05 'Blade tagged on to us. We all thought he wanted to get past but he was just following us for a bit. We pulled up to let everyone catch back up and he rode up to me and said "hope you guys don't mind, this is my first time out this year and just as I was pulling off I saw you guys ride past so I thought I'd tag along". Seemed nice enough and not in that much of a rush so sure, why not.

Anyway, this was heading into Calverton and by the time we'd come out the other side of Southwell he was still riding with us. We continued down the A617 back towards Mansfield and when I looked in my mirrors we had gathered a huge group. Unfortunately, what I couldn't tell was that Rob (who those of you who came to the last Notts meet will remember I'm sure) had dropped off the back. Rather than pull up and phone us he decided to take a route back home. We pulled up when I realised he was gone but he wasn't answering his phone. I rode back to make sure he was OK but no sign.

Well, we continued the ride, albeit cut short now and I went to his house to see if he'd made it back yet. No sign. I fished out my phone again to find a message waiting for me to let me know he'd got back to his local dealers and was sat having a cuppa. I knew he wasn't the type to try too hard to keep up when he couldn't so I was confident he was still alive, and thank God he was. When I found him he got slapped wrists for not just pulling up and phoning or texting me. I was worried sick, but we found him alive and well in the end.

So, the moral of the story? These roads are great and we're doing them again, but next time we make sure that EVERYONE in the party not only has other people's phone numbers, but also that they know to phone or text one of the others if they somehow get dropped. Rob, I'm sorry we did drop you, I feel responsible, even though I was at the front of a large group and you were at the back. Still, I promised we'd take it steady and at your pace and we didn't, so I'm sorry. Hope you're not put off riding with us again!
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hey hey!
Was a great ride and i stayed with you for most of it anyway so no worries there guys. In hind sight obviously i should've dropped you a text but you looked like you were all havin' a blast anyway and didnt want to be the one to hold you back :)
Certainly had my share of brown trouser moments with some of the corners but i'm hopefully building on that experience little by little. I tell you what, i certainly took a lot more notice of those 'To Die For' signs today ROFLMAO!

So in answer to your question Ant, nah it's not put me off at all buddy, and next time i'll know what to do :)
Thanks for a smashing day, and i think i've got a touch of heat stroke! lol
Hope it doesnt piss it down tomorrow cos ive got to prepare myself for getting lost in Hull!

Sounds like a good day, great roads and brilliant weather! :thumbup

Ant, I think we've discussed the who riding in groups thing before... with the best will in the world it's very difficult to keep everyone together, imagine the numerous times we have lost Felix off the back of the southern rideouts :lol
Yeah, I know it's never perfect, but I had promised that we'd keep Rob in our sights and it didn't happen, primarily because I was right at the front and he was right at the back, but hopefully we'll get out on that same run as just the two of us and not get lost next time.

Rob, nice work getting them chicken strips down though; A good effort for someone who has only been riding for a week and had the new tyres put on two days earlier! :thumbup
It's a good idea to have tail-end-charlie to keep strays in tow, and prod in the right direction.

Used to work a treat on the Puma runs out Vas organised.

Did manage a quick run out on Sat morning, not that many bikes about, but lovely in that warm sun.
Only thing now is the fly's...!

Quite true, but it seemed I was the only one who knew where I was going. I laughed when James (MillwallFCUK) pulled over and said "Ant, you lead the way, I don't know where we're going" to which I replied "and you think I do?" I just followed the road to Southwell and took us the wrong way through to get out the other side. Still, we got out in the end and the roads out the other side were just as good. Malc, you missed a stormer and I know you'd have loved it. I will take you that way this summer, I promise! After I've trained Rob up a little on the route first though :lol
I'll PM my holiday dates over (there's a lot this year :p ) so you can arrange a run around them... :rollin
No sympathy! If you can't make it then you'll have to wait, you're not that important Malc :taunt2

You go on your dozen holidays, we won't miss you :blah

Got a week away every month from now until Sept :taunt2
Comes from working over Xmas, get 2 days holiday per each day worked. :thumbup

Guess I can't complain; I had three months off from October to the beginning of Jan, fully paid :finger
Antnee said:
Guess I can't complain; I had three months off from October to the beginning of Jan, fully paid :finger
Yes, suppose that does count as holiday.

Just don't do it again... :8
Hey, we'll see if the hospital want to try something different with my elbow again this year or not. It's like tradition now; I've only worked 9 out of 12 months for the past couple of years, why should 2008 be any different? :lol Need to stay with the same employer though, and I'm not so sure that's gonna be the case
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