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Looking for an oem silencer for my 2013 CB100R

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Hello ! It's my first time here! Happy to join the community !

Question: The bike I just bought came with a Yoshimura pipe and I would prefer an OEM one.
What would you recommend ? A trade ? Here in Canada, police is much on stopping and checking noise.

Section 130 of the "Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles" states, among other things, that no component of the exhaust system of a motorcycle, moped or motorized scooter may be replaced, removed, added or modified in a way that makes the system noisier compared to the system installed by the manufacturer of the motorcycle, moped or motorized scooter.

So, I'm willing to trade it, if anyone is interested.

Thanks !
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Bloomin shame, I have one but I am in the UK. Took it off my 2010 bike.
Cool ! I wonder how much would tje shipping costs be...
I have just got that muffler out of the spare room. I could not say it is anywhere near great condition though. Where the muffler clamps onto the cat is very rusty. It weighs 6.5 kilos by the way. It's only dome 16k miles as well. Hopefully you will find one closer to you mate.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts