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Hello from the UK!

I'm due to collect my "new" CB1000R 2020 next week. I'm properly excited about it but have a pre-delivery preparation question, specifically locking points you guys use.

I live in London, Zone 2, so overnight security has to be fairly robust. The bike will be stored in my front garden, with my scooter. I'm well versed in bike security, the scooter being locked at night with wall anchor/19mm chain combo.
Whilst researching 22mm chain and anchors I see that there isn't really anywhere obvious to pass the chain through the CB, frame wise. Can I ask what solutions you guys have for this? Without taking delivery of the bike yet, I'm limited on opportunities to have a poke the chassis properly.

Any help is appreciated as I'm planning on taking delivery, then fitting the anchor/chain setup, in order to position the anchor/chain optimally.

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