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Normally I deal with a dealer in Nottingham but I decided to try talking to another a little further afield to see what info they could give me on the CB1000R. I was told that they'll have the bikes at the end of May/beginning of June for a £250 deposit. They're quoting £7,000 for the standard and £7,500 for the ABS/CBS. They also say they have 10 bikes on order and as a result of the MCN review five of them are taken already. Damn
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Spoke to the chap in Fowlers again today.

He's getting two bikes in June, of which he'll use one as a demonstrator.
Customer available bikes in July.

He was also pushing the ABS CBS version quite heavily.

Didn't seem that interested in getting me to put down a deposit, basically "you can if you want, but may as well just get in touch around June time"
Got to agree about the ABS/CBS.
I think Honda have made a corporate decision that this is the way of the future and are keen on pushing it wherever they can. Trying to repeat how history went with cars.

I personally wouldn't want the ABS because:
a) It's one more thing to go wrong, and it'll be expensive if it does. I know 2 blokes I can think of off the top of my head that have had this issue. One on a VFR, one on a yam FJR.

b) I'm not massively convinced it'd be much use. The point of ABS on a car is so that you can still steer under panic braking. If you got to the point of locking the front on a greasy road on bike, would it really be possible to steer? Wouldn't the front still wash out anyway?

And I don't want CBS because I don't want the back brake pedal affecting the front, even if it is 'just a tiny little bit'

I'm perfectly ready to accept that the CBS does give a nice feel under normal sensible riding, I'm just not convinced that it's any benefit at the limit. However, I've not ridden a bike with it on, so I'm ready to be corrected :)
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