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Normally I deal with a dealer in Nottingham but I decided to try talking to another a little further afield to see what info they could give me on the CB1000R. I was told that they'll have the bikes at the end of May/beginning of June for a £250 deposit. They're quoting £7,000 for the standard and £7,500 for the ABS/CBS. They also say they have 10 bikes on order and as a result of the MCN review five of them are taken already. Damn
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Likewise, checked up on my order today. Late June/ early July. Seemingly, other current Honda models are behind too.
Dealer is really plugging ABS/CBS version. Anybody ride with ABS ? Opinions would be great
Ta muchley for the welcome. Going to try out abs/cbs on mate's CBF1000 tomorrow to see what its all about.
But as I average 15/20k miles a year on combination of bikes I do'nt feel I need the hand holding brakes.
Dealer has £2k deposit, via trade in, so I am commited .
Btw, total lack of cb1000r knowledge at several Honda dealers in the Thames Valley area.
Never mind, 20 degrees tomorrow and Italia Moto show in Bristol.
Chap at Abingdon (sphell ? ) Honda explained the reason for limited availability : uk buys balls on sports bikes, no naked sales will ever compete with R1, CBR 6.....etc. And looking around Fox's caff today, i would agree with him.
Anyhows, spent an hour on mates cbf1000 with ABS to see what its all about . Think abs/cbs rightly belongs on a bike that will be used 12 months of the year on crappy roads or if its your first bike. Personally I feel ABS on something like a CB1000R is like having L plates and a numpty fluro vest.
Oh, if anyone sees a pheasant in the Vale of the White Horse with my offside mirror could you ask for it back !
Date if delivery , according to dealer will be the second week of July at the earliest. In Black and .......err......hmm........I will be worshiping at The Church Of The Assisted Braking Fellowship, The Reverend Honda man showed me the error of my ways. Praise be to ABS. ( he loaned me a abs hornet to cane about in the wet.............sold)
Do'ne tell the missus but :List price less usuall percentage for goodwill, list seemingly 7,495 on abs. Honda have a habbit of throwing on extras with new models ( huggers , etc )shortly after release, buyers could ask if they could qualify for these if they are offered within 6 months of purchase.
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