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Lets Get The Ball Rolling

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I just wanted to get the ball rolling in the General Chat, and I chose to do so with a YouTube video:

(you might want to mute the music though!

A warm welcome to all the new members of the forum, and also a little demo of both what the forum allows you to do and also how off topic you can really be if you so choose :D

Enjoy the site everyone! :D
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And if you do get bored, then create a few of these for us to view :thumbup

I quite fancy having a play with Animoto, looks pretty cool. :thumbup

Wonder if we could make a porn flick with my scrapbook, I could use the naked pics of my ex :p

Oh bollox, just remembered they were destroyed in the fire, looks like you lot will have to send me naked pics of your other half's instead :lol Come on, it's art :lick
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Festive seasons greetings!


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