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I am from california and wanted to find more info about the new cb1000r. Currently i ride a 1995 Honda cb750 and have been really happy with the bike. I have about 43k trouble free miles on the bike. I have changed oil, filters, plugs, tires, battery, one chain and one set of fork seals. ( averaging about 150/year). However i would like to have 21 century technology.( fuel injection, dual front and rear disk brakes, Hid Lights, Gps, etc) Check out pictures at[email protected]/2490172001/ . I also have a 1999 honda accord with 225k miles and sold a 1991 honda accord with 530k miles.

Enough about my old wheels. I am just wondering if honda is bringing the new CB to states. I have checked out the new b king and ducati 696 but really want to buy a honda. I love the Bking styling but it lacks the build quality of a honda. Ducati is very cool looking bike but i love my 150/year service bill.

So any news of honda bringing the cb1000r is greatly appreciated.
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Hi Gwalia, :welcome

As far as we understand, the CB1000R will (for now at least) be for Europe only. It's not even supposed to be sold in Japan for now, although demand can cause companies to change their minds.
Hi Gwalia! and :welcome - I think you are our first member stateside :respekt

As Antnee states, the CB1000R is intended for the European market (I think I also saw it was released in Australasia as well).

I know from some US based forums I visit that there is interest in the CB1000R so may be Honda will take not. If I remember correctly there was one years delay between Europe and the US when the Honda 919 was released (900 Hornet) in 2002.

I'm not sure why Honda US seem to not favour naked streetbikes... the same is true for the Yamaha FZ1, the faired S version is only available in the US (although that hasn't stopped some owners shipping parts over from the EU to convert their bikes into FZ1-N's.
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