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Just a quick hello

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Hi guys,

Im more of a bike enthusiast than a bike owner/rider currently. But over the summer with abit of time off work that should hopefully all change :)

I was trawling the net for info on the CB1000R and your forums came up, having spent the last few days readin through them i must say there great and im much more informed on the awesome new honda :)

all the best

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:welcome Bez...

Nice to know people are 'tripping' over the site.... :thumbup

thanx for the warm welcome Malc :)

looking forward to chatting to you all and picking peoples brains in due course :):) lol
Welcome to you Bez! :thumbup

and picking peoples brains
That shouldn't take long eh Dan? ;)
Hi Bez :welcome

Not sure my brain is exactly ripe for picking, but feel free to ask anyway! It's good to have you here with us :thumbup
:welcome Bez... you found us in the end then :thumbup

Lets hope you can get some miles under your belt then this year.... even better on a spanking brand new CB1000R :respekt
hopefully i'll get one :) been told im crazy to have one as a first bike, but then some other biker mates are saying the bike only goes as fast as u make it sooo :)

been looking at new FZ1N's aswell but if the CB1000R is as good as it seems it could be the better bike.

Also is there many guys from the birmingham area? cos ill be moving down there in afew months prob around the time i think about getting the bike.

No reason why it shouldn't be your first bike, as long as you ride smart, within your capabilities and have a fair bit of cash to pay for what will be extremely high insurance premiums...

How experienced are you on the road/bikes?
well been driving cars for over 10 years also abit of HGV aswell when i was still in the army. As for bikes none yet, but to be honest im not getting a bike to set my arse on fire and ride at 150mph everywhere. Used to drive/ own a honda S2000 for 4 years and to be honest high speed gets boring after awhile. Ended up enjoying the corners and the acceleration/ over taking alot more.

So like you said i would be taking my time and very much driving within my limits etc :)
Ended up enjoying the corners and the acceleration/ over taking alot more.
I think that goes for most of us Bez. I never feel I'm in control at very high speeds,hanging on for dear life is nearer the truth.
I reckon you will all have a ball when you ride the CB1000R, the extra power over the 900 Hornet will be very noticeable I think... certainly I felt a big difference going from a 900 Hornet to a VFR800vtec and then onto my current FZ1, fighting to keep the front wheel down is how I'd best describe it :D
well once i've got my hands on the group test reviews ill make my decision between the yamaha and the honda. Got a mate thats got a 2006 FZ1 and its a sweet bike. Must admit i was all set to get a white 2008 FZ1 once i had everything sorted towards the end of the summer.

But now i must admit the CB1000R has turned my head well and truly :) For me its either going to be a White or the Black one i think. I'll need to see one in the flesh first tho :)

Then time to part with some serious cash !!! hehe
Then time to part with some serious cash !!! hehe
Yep but it will be so exciting..... :thumbup

Remember to check out Dobles by the way... they deliver nationwide and will give you a 40% discount on any stuff you order with the bike (check out Discounts) :respekt
I don't think there is any doubt that the CB1000R will beat the FZ1 in the group tests as early reports are already saying it's far and away a better bike. I think the toss up will be between the CB and the Speed Triple personally, with the FZ1 and Z1000 featuring nowhere
yeah seems to be the case Ant. looked at the speed triple but to be honest styling wise it does nothing for me. Also seeing as i cant really draw on any previous biking experience ,the asthetics of the bike are gonna play a big part for me, as are the write ups of which the Honda seems to be getting great ones.
I think, personally, that both the Speed Triple and the CB1000R have reviewers reporting them as 'hooligan' bikes, which would suggest that they want to wheelie and stoppie all the time. Personally I thought that the 600 Hornet was a bit too much for a new rider, and I honestly never expected to have any members on here saying that they were gonna have a CB1000R as their first bike, but while I've never ridden anything bigger than a 600, I'm reliably informed that 1000s are actually easier to ride than a 600. Plus, as already said, they only go as fast as your right wrist allows. I found with the Hornet that it inspires so much confidence that I probably went too fast too soon mind you so I think it's a case of keeping your head on your shoulders and not over-rating yourself and you'd be fine.

I don't mind the styling of the Speed Triple, but I prefer the CB1000R's styling. I can't really describe the styles of either, which is odd considering my design training, but there's no doubt that they're really quite different. I guess to simplify it I would say the Triple is more of a traditional design with a modern twist, which the CB1000R is all out contemporary bike design and is more likely to get noticed. They both have single sided swingarms, but the Honda, for me, screams out far more than the Triple. So I guess it's about what you look for. Linby has a black and yellow 2000 Hornet and on his first day out a couple of weeks ago he stopped at some lights and a kid crossed and said "nice bike mate". I was there too, on my 2006 orange Hornet and I didn't get a look from the kid. I want that look! I've only once had anyone comment about the bike, and that was some guy who got out of a van at the lights and ran up to me and asked what the bike was, before running back to the van with a big grin on his face. Nobody beside bikers would bat an eyelid at the Triple, but I think everyone will notice the CB
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I get that look all the time on my FZ1.... and it certainly is a hooligan bike.... the CB1000R is very very pretty though :)
Must admit i had the mind set of nothing bigger than a 600 first bike because its just crazy to consider anything bigger. So then i was looking at R6's and 636's. Nothing in a naked type of styling around 600cc did anything for me to be honest. But got chatting to a good mate from work who bascially traded in his R1 for a FZ1 on the spot after a test ride when his R1 was in for a service. He pretty much said that due to riding position etc the FZ1 was a much easier bike to get on with for him than the R1. So just because its a bigger capacity machine doesnt have to mean your gonna ride like a lunatic, if your mad enough you could do yourself some serious damage on 125/250cc bike i reckon :)

So this basically got me thinking that a bigger capacity bike wasnt totally out of the question, plus with from what ive read about the CB1000R being quite forgiving and user friendly i thought what the hell :) Why get a bike that i dont really want and use it as a stepping stone, instead of just getting what i want and using a good dose of common sense regarding my abilty and experience.
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I know loads of sports bike riders who have ridden Hornets, including mine, and admitted that naked is far more fun. The only downside is the lack of fairing so you get some windblast. Some journo's say this means you'll keep to respectable speeds because any faster and you're being pulled off the bike, but I think that's rubbish. Your neck soon gets used to it if you're doing it often enough, and the wind becomes part of going fast. If you're hidden behind a screen you just don't notice it and it's not as much fun I reckon. The wider bars on these type of bikes make them easier to throw around too. The increased torque on a 1000 over a 600 should also mean that you won't be needing to change gear every 30 seconds like you do on a 600 if you want to keep moving. The lack of torque is the sole reason I'm getting rid of my Hornet; it's as perfect as I need otherwise
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maybe once everyones got there shiny new CB1000R's we have a meet up or something:)
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