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Hi everyone, new member here, would love some advice with a current issue I’m having.
So I have a 2019 CB1000r, full akrapovic exhaust, with about 550 miles on it. Got it tuned with woolich tuning software last week, and I was pretty happy until I started having an issue.

so I had the bike dyno tuned by a SoCal motorcycle shop, from reviews and and just talking to the dudes, they seem knowledgeable as heck.

So I was riding the bike the day after I had brought it home from getting it tuned, it ran amazing. Until I opened the throttle, and it felt like the bike was dying for a split second, and then immediately regained all its power, and it bucked like that for 1 or two more instances as it climbed through the rev range.

weird for sure, but I was thinking maybe it’s a fueling issue or something, dropped it down a gear and it did the same thing in 2nd gear. That’s when I thought it couldn’t be a coincidence, turned the bike off and let it rest for a minute, started and it did it again. So I thought it definitely is a tuning issue, called my tuner, and they said “bring it in”, well I took it in yesterday and dropped it off for a day, got a call back Today saying “everything feels normal, it just might be the he butterfly valve” I talked to the guy saying, there’s a serious issue there, there’s no way you didn’t feel it. He said he honestly didn’t feel it, and if they don’t feel it, they can’t exactly pin point what the issue could be. Which is understandable, but still annoying to hear to say the least.

main symptom is the bucking, it feels like the bike is getting fuel, and then stops, and then gets fuel again. Today I was cruising at 75 miles an hour in 6th, bike started to bog, and I held the throttle open thinking maybe it’s a throttle issue, it it didn’t help at all, it seemed like the more I throttled Up as the bike was losing power, the faster it started to die. It made a weird popping noise from the exhaust as I held the throttle open. Low and behold not until I reset the throttle to zero and twisted it again, did the bike finally start to buck and started finally catching some speed. definitely disappointed with the tuner, and their lack of attention.
This happens intermittently, all gears, any RPMs, it’s quite random actually.

But yea, I was wanting to get your guy’s advice on what it could potentially be, I know it’s hard to diagnose a bike without being there, but any insight is appreciated.
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