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Introducing myself to the population.

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Hi, My name is Fernando. Interesting or not I work for a Yamaha Dealer but I found quite interesting to be part of forums from different matters and brands. You always learn new things out there. I hope this model won't become the image of a blackbird naked version that never sold well. We want a beautiful Fireblade naked, don't we?

I spoke with Dan before and I really think that if the Honda CB1000R is better at the front wheel, a bit less power but more grant, (comparing it with FZ1). This Honda is going to be a beauty. But the Fazer 1000 is really impresive, so we'll see what the Honda Japaneses have done.

All the best, the good weather is almost here, super riding time, yeah.
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Yes as I have said before the FZ1 takes some beating, especially with the Yamaha 0% finance scheme...not everyone has £7k to throw at bike.

But the Honda looks fresh and exciting.... and may win out on torque too..... but price will be a big factor too.
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