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Interested in a CB1000R But....

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Hi all

please don't flame me coz its y first post. Here's my me issue.

I currently run a big twin loaded with top box and commute to and from a train station about 10 miles away from home. I then leave the bike at the station all day long whilst at work.

I leave my helmet in the top box along with a set of waterproof over trousers. I then store the lock and work bag in the box whilst on the bike.

I am now thinking about a possible part exchange for a CB1000R but am obviously concerned about the lack of storage. I don't want to leave the chain at the station coz it could be tampered with over night leaving it easier to nick the bike the following day. I really would like something like the CB but cant figure out exactly what to do... I know about pacsafe so could put the helmet in one of those and lock it to the bike. I could obviously carry the waterproof trousers to work...

I'd appreciate your thoughts and experiences on my concerns if possible...
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:welcome mate... good to have another potential owner in the club :thumbup

Personally I'd be more concerned about security than storage.... and I would not want to leave a £7K bike at a train station all day and exposed to all the elements unless I could help it.

Sounds like a £500 cheap runabout off of Ebay would be the way to go... and keep the CB for showing off at the weekend :)
hi there. I completely understand but unfortunately a lack of garage space dictates that I'm a one bike man so I have to run the same bike all the time. I currently run a guzzi 1200 sport and whilst I am concerned I have not had any problems. I lock it to a bike shed and use a good disc lock.

What I need advice on is how to move to a bike without a top box and still store the minimum to get safely too and from work
£500 cheap roundabout plus a £30 bike cover, at £500 it doesn't deserve a place in your garage :laugh

I take it your train journey is a long one if you don't use the bike?
I have not got the space for another bike unfortunately. The train journey is 50 miles. If I were to go by bike it would be 65 and alot more dangerous.
Hi again...

Do you live in a very rural area.... so not so many concerns about security etc?

About two years ago I was commuting about 90 miles each day and it was killing me so I don't blame you for taking the train.

I'm sure it wont be long before someone develops a rack for the the meantime there is always the tank bag or ruck sack.... the problem then I suppose is having to take them with you on the train so you are no better off :(
Do you guys think someone will develop a small rack for the CB? is there one available for the Hornet?
You can buy a Givi rack for the Hornet which bolts onto the holes that that the grabrail would have otherwise taken, whether a rack gets made for the CB1000R is hard to say, depends whether there's anywhere suitable to bolt it to.

Last year I had a job which was a 60 mile commute each way, wasn't looking forward to it so I went looking for a more biker friendly route to work which added about 10 minutes to the journey but put a big grin on my face by the time I reached work :lick Couldn't wait for the day to end so I could get back on the bike, there's something very calming about backlanes after a crap day at work, even if it's wet. If the CB is as good as the reviews suggest you may find yourself not wanting to use the train anymore :lick As for it being more dangerous, that's part of the fun :help

Winter is another thing altogether though :notme Certainly, if I wanted a bike badle enough, I'd be looking at a tank bag which doubles up as a shoulder bag for carrying to work.
Commuting by bike is definately out. It involves the M11 into central London. I've already suffered one broken leg from a van driver ramming me from behind so the train is the only way...

At the end of the day, I currently have use of a top box and basically sling everything in there when im not using it.

If I part exchange the guzzi for a CB I need to think about the following...

heavy bike chain and lock
disc lock
both of these items travel with the bike so that they are not tampered with over night.

Helmet is left with the bike at the station during the day. I can probably use a pac safe to lock that to the bike. that'll keep it dry and mildly secure. Better than leaving it locked with the bike chain coz it'll stay dry and stop someone crapping in it...

Trousers... I can carry them in my ruck sack when i use them so they are not the problem....

Looking at the above list, the only real problem is the heavy chain. I dont want to carry it in my ruck sack when riding so could store it in a tank bag when riding... maybe thats the answer... Sod the rack and top box and use a tank bag on something like a quick release sw-motech system.... I hate the look of the bike with a rack and often remove it when im on a weekend blast. its only a 5 minute job...
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Hi Plumpton and welcome to the site! I am sure that it won't be too long before Bagster have a tank cover for the CB1000R. They are very well made and don't detract too much from the looks of the 'bike. I use one on my Hornet and the tankbag is securely held in place with clips,can't scratch the tank and really is quick release. That's the way I would go in your situation. Good luck.Steve

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Thats a possibility. All i'd then need is a bag that somehow converts to a rucksack or something like that coz i do alot of walking at the other end of my train commute...

Keep the suggestions coming :)
I have a feeling the the Baglux tankbag comes with a shoulder strap.Not sure though.Anybody?
Hi Plumpton :welcome

Personally I will be using my CB1000R every day, but my ride to work is about the same distance as your ride to the station and I park under a camera, so I feel fairly safe.

I just don't think the CB1000R is going to be very good for luggage, though I'm sure people say the same about the R1 but I've seen people tour the world on them :eek

At present I've heard nothing of any racks etc, but as I'm sure you're well aware, these things tend to come later, rather than sooner. Personally, I wouldn't want to fit a rack to a CB1000R anyway as I think it would ruin the lines. The tank is an odd shape too so tank bags etc may be awkward. It's certainly more angular than any of the Hornet's tanks have ever been. I just think that luggage was the last thing on the list when Honda designed the CB1000R. Sorry :notme
I reckon you're going to really struggle to match the convenience of a top box .

I've got a Kriega tailpack.

Don't actually use it much as my work parking is totally secure. But I can fit a 1.5metre Almax series IV in there when I have to. And it fits securely to the rear of the Zed. Securely when riding that is, not sure I'd leave it in a train station.

About the lid, personally I never leave mine unattended. Too paranoid. :)
I take it that carrying a helmet on the train into London everyday would be a non-starter?
ive done the helmet carrying thing before and being honest it gets more knocks that it would if it were left on the bike. The other problem is that by the time youve got a laptop in your bag, some other small junky bits, over trousers with armour, gloves and helmet, it starts getting a bit much to lug around...

I dont want to have to compromise on a bike just coz it cant carry the load so i need to leave some bits on the bike and carry the other bits...
I honestly think it just sounds like too much trouble :thumbdown
Do train stations have lockers?
Lockers tend to explode too much these days. I think they've got rid of them everywhere.
Lockers tend to explode too much these days.

Keep the suggestions coming
Move house? :p

Think it all depends on what you want from the bike.

Do you get many weekends where you can take the bike out for a good thrash in the country, or does your 10 mile commute take you through some excellent roads? The CB strikes me as a bike made for getting out in the lanes and being a bit of a hooligan, so if not then maybe you'd be better off sticking with what you've got ?
If you do get to use it for fun then it's worth finding a compromise. Time to hand in your notice. :lol

Can you not drive to the station and keep the CB for weekend blasts?
I do get time out for a blast at weekends and the local lanes are good. Driving to the station is a no no coz it costs £100 per month to park and i'd be fighting for spaces that dont exist. Thats why I bike in the first place.

I do have to say that its not looking good for any bike unless it has a top box but I am gonna go and visit a place that sells those kriega bags coz that could be an option... I've ordered a lidsafe from pacsafe and will see how that goes when it arrives.

Does anyone know if there is any form of underseat storage on the CB? If so I could store my lock there whilst travelling.
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