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Now I've dabbled with modifying bikes in the past, just bolt on stuff and the odd remap, but I've never gone past the tip. So with my '22 CB1000R NSC being the first new bike I've ever had, I thought it was now or never.

10 months in and I've done the following:

Nitron R1 rear shock
Fork oil changed to Castrol 15w
Powerbronze screen
Rizoma mirrors
ProGrip grips
Quadlock mount
Various RAM mounts for GoPro / Insta cameras
Oh and a respray in BMW Alpina green.

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The 2023 plans include, funds permitting:

Seats re-trimmed in brown/baseball leather
Full exhaust system
Some sort of fork upgrade
Possibly a remap, just to take the edge of the choppy throttle in Sport mode
I have the meter visor and a seat cowl waiting for paint

I'm toying with getting the wheels done, but I'm not 100% it needs it. I normally hate black/dark wheels for the visual weight they add, but I'll leave it a while for now. I was gonna go for the dark bronze as per late model VFR800 wheels, or possibly silver, but I think the silver would be a bit much.

That's it for now, I'll update the thread as things get done. Thanks 馃憤馃憤

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Looks smart, how is the Nitron shock? I am after one myself
Cheers bud. Shock is night and day better, the bike was hateful on the standard shock.

I'm about 120kgs in my bike kit, which didn't help, it had me out the seat all the time.

Ordered it from Bike HPS in Alfreton. Was a bit of hoohaa about part numbers, but the standard shock is the same as one on a 2018-21 model. The only difference is the spring colour, so the last 3 digits on the part number.

Was straight forward to fit, but I needed an ABBA stand and a couple of blocks of wood to support the swingarm once the shock was unbolted.

It went in after the first service and other than adding a couple of clicks on the damping, I've not touched it. Get one ordered, you'll not regret it 馃憤馃憤

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You'll need a tune or an ECU flash or engine damage can occur
This is where I run out of talent and knowledge.

If I kept the O2 sensors and the stock filter, I'd still need it mapped straight away?

I get the exhaust will flow more volume, but I'm not putting anymore air or fuel in, outside of the info the bike is getting from the standard sensors. Will a set of downpipes with a decat really make that much difference?

I'm just curious buddy, through a lack of knowledge more than anyrhing, I'm not being a cock I promise 馃憤馃憤馃ぃ

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Hey MotoMartino looking good!
I had some questions for ya and advice too.

Get the woolich flash with the full exhaust, I got it and it's a huge change in availability of power plus it sounds much better (takes a hit on gas tho) you can see my post about it.

Questions : did you have the OEM front fender just painted? Wasn't sure if that was possible due to being plastic but it looks great

Second, which model Nitron did you get? And about how long to get it? Really thinking of getting mine with the R2 model , the new power delivery is causing some undesirable suspension changes, which leads to my next question

Did you change the fork oil yourself? Could you possibly do a write up of what you did, and how, things to consider etc. I'm very interested in stiffening up this bike with the power it has now post flash, I tuned my suspension by the recommendation sheet but I think the stock stuff just isn't gonna cut it for my aggressive riding style.

Many thanks sir love the color, sorry for the long list of ?s
Evening bud,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, been mad busy.

Thanks for the info on the Woolich tune I'll have a looksee. I don't mind using the extra gas, it's just a weekend toy. I popped into my Honda dealer at the weekend, and I asked what they do when they fit a full Akra system. Turns out they 'squash' the ECU and reset it back to the point where it learns the fuel / O2 ratio from the sensors. I don't want anymore power, it's quick enough, but I just don't want to grenade it by running it lean. If I can convince the 'boss' I need the full Moriwaki system from Japan this summer, I'll start at the dealer and go from there.

Front fender is indeed the stock one, the guy who did the paint said it was a pain in the ass, as there were loads of moulding lumps, bumps and marks all over it. He redid it a couple of time until it was good enough, but he is a perfectionist and has a little OCD about this kinda stuff.

I got the R1 Nitron shock, as I'm the only one that rides it, and I don't take pillions, well not on the CB anyway. I thought about the R2, but the remote adjuster was a bit of bling I didn't really need. If I'd had the spare cash I'd have 100% gone for the R2, but I just couldn't stretch this time.

I didn't change the fork oil myself I'm afraid, I didn't have anything that I could get the top cap off without destroying it. I pulled the forks out whilst the wheel and fender were off and used my local Yamaha dealer round the corner, only took half an hour, 拢20 and some biscuits. I was hoping to drop some progressive springs in as well, but they were completely different when we pulled the originals out. I'm still waiting for the correct ones, so that'll be a winter job now. I haven't ridden it yet, so I'm hoping it's just firmed the front up a little so it can keep up with the rear shock.

The stock shock is garbage and you'll never be able to tune the front as the rear has zero support in it. I'm more than happy to share my settings for the fork, I'll dig the owners manual out and check see if I wrote them down. If not it'll only take 5 minutes to work them out. I'm no Rossi but we don't hang about, and the roads in the north of England / Scottish Borders aren't exactly smooth. Since I did the shock I've had zero moments suspension wise, but I did manage to boil the brake fluid on a particularly spirited run over to the lake district

skip to about 04:30, when I was having a bit of sport with a new BMW S1000XR, brakes were mush by the bottom, the ABS was going mental.

It's a great bike, apart from the stock rear shock, and I was surprised how much I enjoy riding it. I still think Mrs Moto's 765 Street Triple R is the better road bike, but the CB is miles ahead on build quality and tech integration. I'm trying to find a luggage option I like at the minute, went with the Hepco & Becker seat rack, but it's not great so I might have to look at some Ventura stuff. When the seat cowl is back from paint I don't want to ruin with a waist pack scratching it to bits.

Thanks for the kind words on the colour, and no apology needed, ask as many questions as you like.

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I got the same Nitron shock on mine, night and day.

Where did you get the mirrors from and what length is that Powerbronze screen?
Another happy Nitron customer!!! When do we get told Honda bought them out 5 years ago.......

Mirrors are some old Rizoma ones I've had for years, they were for my old Monster 1100S initially. I can't remember what they are called, but there was no way I was selling them after spending 拢300 on them. I always knew they'd fit on something eventually!!

The Powerbronze screen is the only one they do there's a choice of colours but not much else. It was slim pickings when I got the bike, as nobody seemed to do a screen for it.

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That racing strip on the tank is sick. Where did you get that? Dealer burned thru the clear coat removing stickers. That would be perfect to cover it.
The stripe is the original paint colour, my paint guy suggested doing an offset stripe to break up the single colour on the tank. Bit of pinstripe tape and a couple of days flatting and clear coating and she's smooth as glass.
The larger stripe was meant to be on the left, as per the swingarm, but it looks good as is.

When you say the dealer burned through the clear coat, what stickers were they removing??
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