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Hey MotoMartino looking good!
I had some questions for ya and advice too.

Get the woolich flash with the full exhaust, I got it and it's a huge change in availability of power plus it sounds much better (takes a hit on gas tho) you can see my post about it.

Questions : did you have the OEM front fender just painted? Wasn't sure if that was possible due to being plastic but it looks great

Second, which model Nitron did you get? And about how long to get it? Really thinking of getting mine with the R2 model , the new power delivery is causing some undesirable suspension changes, which leads to my next question

Did you change the fork oil yourself? Could you possibly do a write up of what you did, and how, things to consider etc. I'm very interested in stiffening up this bike with the power it has now post flash, I tuned my suspension by the recommendation sheet but I think the stock stuff just isn't gonna cut it for my aggressive riding style.

Many thanks sir love the color, sorry for the long list of ?s
1 - 1 of 17 Posts