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For sale is my Hurric Pro 2 stainless steel slip on exhaust for the 2018+ NSC version of the Cb1000R.
It is very light, less than 1.5kgs, and can be fitted or removed in less than 10 minutes.

Sound is deeper and louder than stock but reasonable at idle even with the baffles out. Sounds fantastic when going through the gears further up the rev range. My bike passed its MOT with this fitted, with the baffles out. The small size of this slip on means the pretty rear wheel is fully on view.



The exhaust is in very good condition, no dents, damage or scratches. The baffles were spot welded in so there is some marking on them from when I removed them for the first time. I don't use them anyway.

£175 including postage UK only (RRP is £300+ from Germany only, plus postage and customs charges)
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