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Honda official launching in Italy.

Google: <<< Those who wanted to get the new roadster at Honda, had to arm themselves with patience until June for its procurement. And it is in the factory in Italy, which takes care of all production for Europe was born the first of its kind motorcycle. On this occasion, Mr. Takeo Fukui, President & CEO of Honda Motor Company has moved from Japan to admire and christen the number 1.
In his presentation, Mr Fuki says: "I am convinced that the splendid CB1000R invented, developed and produced in Italy for Europe, a model that will help to impose the leadership of Honda on the European market.
The latter was accompanied by the President of HRC, Mr Masumi Hamane and the entire company to attend the ceremony production CB1000R (see pictures). As a reminder, this bike has a 4-cylinder engine line 125 hp with a couple explosive, a derivative of CBR1000RR Fireblade. All mounted on an aluminum frame. It will be on sale for 10 200 euros.

We wish this young company (37 years) Honda continue to increase its production to meet among others the order books….>>>


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