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HISS fails to recognise all keys. Bike stopped when riding.

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Please guys I need some advice. 5 weeks ago I brought a 2009 (58) CB1000R from a dealer 200 miles from my home town. The most expensive vehicle I have brought myself in over 10 years. I have covered only 300 miles on the bike to date. I jumped on the bike tonight for ride to my local weekly bike night meet. After a few hundred yards down the road the bike died and wouldn't start again. The HISS doesn't seem to recognise the key. I have tried the spare keys which came with the bike. Nothing, no fuel pump prime, no 2-second HISS light. Only normal ignition lights. Starter turns over but HISS seems to be preventing the bike from starting.
I could cry as I don't have much and buying this bike was a big decision. Is there a common fault I need to know about. I have checked accessible fuses and relays which all seem good. The bike had not shown any kind of faults on previous rides. Has always started on the button every time.
What do I do guys? Please give me some good news. I'm new to biking and my motorcycle mechanical skills are limited.
I'm confused more than anything, surely if the bike was being ridden at the time how has the HISS gone to faulty and bike has died/cut out. I have mastered the flashing HISS light for 24 hours. That was straight forward and simple. What would cause this to happen. Am I missing something here. Battery is fully charged, it is a new battery and holding charge. Cut off switch seems to be working fine as the starter button works when it's in the run position. Fuel pump prime and HISS usually activates when I put cut off to run position but now nothing.
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US bikes don't have HISS so I'm no help, maybe @Ghostrider.1127 will chime in.

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HISS antenna may it´s the issue , saw few with broken cables.
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