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Even here is getting to much trafic!

But if you go out during the regular work day Yow Yow yow look out!

10 passes each way on "hwy 24" (oh my god)
twisty switch decending s's sweeping off camber climbing switch's s s s's, 30mph turn's that you can hit the apex at 80mph YOW he's coming in hot! Sucking Hayabusa in the way! stand her up, oh oh tank slaper.
rock wall on one side 600 foot cliff on the other ahhhh. I am in Gixer grand heaven. (YEAH BABY)

oh yeah:
only 1 cop so when your radar goes off in the helmet you just stop and look down the mountain HA ha copper ha ha.

Well have to get out the cordles impact to drop some trail closed signs (for the good of all); time to go get the CR250 out now

Well love you all but mostly THE ITALIN GUY's for helping HONDA make the new Aprila style Dream Honda CB1000R

If that bike showed up at the dealer here tomarrow I'd push two bikes out of my garage imediatly and hang a for sale sign on them; Get a ride from the wife to the HONDA Dealer ,befor she new what was happening, I would be saluting the sky with my front Dunlap on my new CB1000R!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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