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Hello all,

Currently ridding CB600 Hornet and have been patiently waiting for the rumored liter version for nearly 3 years. In November I happened to stumble across an article on the Milan show and possible further bike launch from Honda so I watched it live over the internet and there she was!!! Within two hours I was down at my local dealer and the 100 pound deposit was paid (dealer was still unaware of the bike)

Don’t quite know why but I went for the white one, hopefully will not look too much of a police bike!!!!!
Went for ABS version don’t see the harm in having it. Also never had a bike or traveling sofa with ABS it so I’m willing to give it a go.

I also believe this is a Hornet and don’t care to much about Hondas marketing etc mine will be - If I ever get it - a
CB1000 SuperHornet!!! :bee
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:welcome I think the white looks pretty cool, just don't take it out over winter :stop Will you keep the Hornet when you buy the CB1000R?
It's hard to tell without seeing the bikes in the flesh, but I think I'd go for either silver or white myself.

The black doesn't have enough 'contrast' and as for the green - er no thanks (from the pictures anyway)...
:welcome Hornet!

I do like the white too. I decided on the black one myself though because I appear to have a death wish and don't want car drivers to see me while I'm on the road :D I had a black Hornet though and I miss it, so why not eh? The green is the only one I don't think I'd be keen on, though I do think some more colour is needed in the range.
:welcome mate..

White will be cool... but I still think it's got to be black :)
Yeah I agree the green? was a definite no!!!! It was between the black and white. I think if I could change out those lightning radiator covers to black, might work and tone the white down a bit. Or ideally remove them completely but that won’t be an option.

Think im going to keep the Hornet it’s a 2002 model so I don’t think Its worth the trade in, and don’t really want to sell her. Will be kept for the winter as was mentioned can’t run a white bike in the winter!

I ordered mine in Aberdeen and there has been 4 ordered including mine last time a went into the dealer. So even interest up here!!!!!!!
Hornet said:
Will be kept for the winter as was mentioned can’t run a white bike in the winter!
I don't see why, all the salt will blend in to the paintwork and you'll never see the mess :lol
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