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Hello from Spain

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Hello from Spain. At the moment I have a CBR1000RR 2.005 but already I am tired of motos RR, I am 43 years old and from the 20 I have motos RR. I have requested in my dealer the CB1000R in color Dragon Green, they will give it to me at the end of May or in the first days of June. Thanks for the forum and to allow the entrance me.

I feel that my English is not very good............. :notme
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Welcome Nono !! :welcome

Your English is good enough Nono so don't worry. :thumbup

Congratulations on the new 'bike. :)
Hola! and that is about all the Spanish I can manage (so I should be saying sorry to you!) :)

:welcome to the club and we will all look forward to seeing pictures of your bike (you may be one of the first members here to have one) :thumbup
Yeah, was just about to say :welcome and happy birthday NONO. :beer
Thanks for the reception and the congratulations.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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