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Hi all,
My name is Bruno, I'm live in Lisbon, Portugal, Europe, Northern Hemisphere, planet earth, in the milky way.

I'm a young 40 year old guy, have a 5 year old boy that loves soccer, plays very well and is the best player for his age at one of the three top soccer teams kids school, his trainer says he is a natural and have the potential to go far, let us see I if I can retire in 15 years from now:)
I'm a computer engineer, specialized in large computer networks and Microsoft Servers.

I've been Reading some posts for the last couple of months as I was in the process of falling in love with the cb1kr. Well... i just bought it some days ago and today i just got word from the dealer that I will receive the bike next monday afternoon. I'm so anxious that I think I'll have a hard time sleeping next sunday.

I already owned a couple of bikes but nothing so powerful as this. I had a 50cm3 when I was a teenager, and I had a CB500 back in 2001, had until 2008, sold it when my kid was born and had no bike since then. I realized that besides the traffic jam free, easy to park, low fuel consuption, fast to get to destination, etc things about riding a bike it was my main I'm back to therapy next monday :)

I bought a new 0km white, black rims cb1000R, I also bought it with a GIVI windscreen as I remember having a hard time at the freeways back in my cb500.

I hope to post some pictures next week. I've registered myself in the fórum because i believe I won't spend much of my free time in front of my computer in the next couple of weeks, the weather forecast for the next week here in Portugal is that this several week storm that has been doing some real damage all over Europe will come to an end and bright sunny days will return to Portugal.

Now it comes to the help i need from you guys, i have some questions:

  1. I've read Motoman's method of break-in, I do not want to discuss it, I will ride my bike normally with some care at first also because i need some relearning time, so I won't red line it but I also won't ride it as a granny would. I understood the most important part is the early oil change, so i ask you guys, which type of oil should i use? Portugal heats up iquite a bit in the summer but for now and while in the break-in which mineral oil shoud i use?
  2. I do not have a special tool to remove the oil filter and i would like to do it myself (the oil change), how can i do it without the tool?
  3. What else do i need to buy to do some home maitenance? Like chain lube and this kind of stuff?
  4. My ride is going to sleep at the street, right below my 2nd floor bedroom window, I bought a Xena alarmed disclock, a chain to chain it to a metal bar of a window store and it will be covered with a normal street cover, do you recommend anything else? I do not have the money at this moment but I would like to add some kind of pager or gps enabled alarm system in the future.
  5. I'm a short guy, 169cm, should I change the suspension settings? If so how can i do it myself, what to expect from changing these settings?
  6. Do you guys use 95 or 98 unleaded gasoline?
  7. Am I forgetting something i should know or be aware of with a brand new bike like this?

I have to say that I'm very very happy, I want to thank you all in advance as I know that I will receive lots of feedback, I hope to be able to contribute with my knowledge and experience as I build these competences up.
Forgive me about my english as it is far from perfect.
Thank you and ride carefully.

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hello Bruno, and welcome. it's great to sense your excitement! you're going to have so much fun!

as for your questions:
1. the Honda manual says SAE 10W-30, and despite hot temperatures in the summer, I don't think there is a strong reason to vary from that. I think most people who care about their bikes use semi-synthetic oils (Amsoil, Motul, Mobil 1, Castrol, Pennzoil, etc). be sure to use a motorcycle oil and not automobile oil, as that might damage the wet clutch.
2. you should be able to buy an oil filter cap wrench very cheaply (under $10), like this:
3. lubing the chain is a necessity of course. a basic ratchet wrench set would allow you to do other easy stuff, like service your brakes. if you want to do more, it's worthwhile to invest in the service manual, which your dealer can provide.
4. most people try to park their bike off the street, and maybe you can find garage space near your house? but if this is not a possibility for you, you're taking the most useful steps.
5. the owner's manual makes suggestions about suspension settings. try things, take motes, and discover what works best for you, your weight, and your riding style. plus the road surfaces...
6. the manual specifies 86 octane 'regular' fuel, but our rating system is different than in Europe. our 86 is equal to about 92 RON, so even your 95 is more than is necessary - this is not a super-high tuned engine!
7. the obvious thing to say about a new bike is "take it easy"! this can be a VERY fast machine, and it takes time to get to know it well!
cheers, Don

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Thanks Doser, very good tips, Colvert-> your tips are also very good and the molten led is a good idea :), and finally Sovrec, thank you for the welcome message.

So my plan is:

Buy the oil filter strap and chain lube. Should i buy a torque measure tool? I understnad that there are several maitenance tasks that a specific bolt torque is necessary, is this expensive?
Buy the oil filter, 4 lts of a semi-synt 10/50 motorcycle oil, according to Motoman in the first hundreds of Km one should use a mineral oil, only after a couple of oil changes and once everything is as it should be we should change to a semi or even full syntetic oil. What is the oil filter specs? I have a Honda shop and mech assistance near my home, i can buy the parts there and do the oil change myself but can or should i go for a general motorshop and buy a filter and oil with the same specs? it must be cheaper...what else must I buy? a washer...anything else?

I plan to do the first oil change after the first 300 km, should i change it again at 600? First service is at 1000 right?

What should i use to clean up the exahust, not talking about the tip, talking about those 4 pipes that get out of the engine before the cat and that i do not know the name in english :)

I think i will not change suspension settings, I'm 169 cm, 70 Kg.

I'm counting the hours to get my hands on the bike, I'll post some pictures afterwards but I will sure post the first picture I take...

Thanks guys,

P.S. I'm already thinking of some mods i would like to do, first one will be to change the license plate holder and back turnsignals, the factory one is huge and ugly, second will be the hugger. I would like to make contact with portuguese guys which already made some mods.

Pessoal tuga, sou de Lisboa, podem dar uma ajuda com as duvidas que tenho e sobre onde comprar peças e fazer as mods?

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Welcome, Bruno. I know you must be proud of that boy! I have 2 girls that love soccer and I have the same stupid dream of early retirement, lol.

Congrats on the new bike! Just wait until you take delivery and ride off. BIG smiles! :yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay

1. Break in=good, early oil change=good, 10w30 like Doser said, but the manual also recommends 10w40 in warmer climates. I live in the southern US, so 10w40 for me, you may want to use the same in the summer. I'm not getting into brand preference, gets too deep. Also, note what Doser said about the clutch. The washer can be reused several times so long as you don't over tighten. If you don't have a feel for torque from experience, you may benefit from buying a torque wrench. Most people over tighten rather than under tighten in my experience. If all you are doing is simple maintenance, you don't need it, just use common sense.

2. No special tool needed. Man up and twist it off. If your feminine fingers can't get it loose, get a strap or cap wrench like suggested, a large pair of channel lock pliers, or pay a half naked woman to change your oil for you while you watch, like Colvert does. I recommend Honda filters ONLY. I am having problems out of many Honda cars throwing DTCs because their valve control systems are being starved of oil by aftermarket filters. That means the whole engine is being under oiled. The price difference is negligible, why take the chance? You will be spending much much more on tires and accessories!

3. Chain cleaner and lube. Stuff to wash and shine it. Chapstick. Your lips will be chapped by now since you will still be rocking a big stupid grin.

4. String. One end tied to the bike, run up through the window, and the other end tied to your big toe. If you are awoken by a tug on the toe, grab an AK47 and fire out the window until the tugging stops. I like the molten lead idea, as well.

5. You could write a book on all the aspects of suspension settings, that's why many people already have. I suggest picking up one or three of them and doing some reading. After that, hit the road and do some experimenting and see what suits you best.

6. Either is fine. You are just spending more money using 98. Honda specifies 91 RON in the owners manual.

Those 4 pipes are called the down pipes, head pipes, or headers. All mean the same thing. Here is some info on cleaning.

I think most people get rid of the ugly fender right away, best first mod! :thumbup

Enjoy the bike! Looking forward to some pics!

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GOT IT!!!!
I just arrived from riding the first 5 km.... Cannot continue as I have to get back to work. It is raining cats, dogs and several other animals.... Man... It is raining a lot... But I didn't care, could not get past 4th gear... Later today when I arrive from work I'll take it for another spin:)
In the first 5 minutes it smoked a lot, white smoke coming from the exhaust, I started the engine and left it running while I was setting up other stuff, dressing myself, boots, rain coat and pants etc. When I started riding it stopped smoking.... But I felt that burnt smell,like nnew rubber being heated or that greasy coat that some parts come when leaving the factory.

I'm sooooooooooooo happy. Only feeling sorry for the weather.

See ya all later guys:)

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You seem very excited at your new arrival Bruno :yay take it easy and enjoy it. :thumbup

Hope the weather picks up soon for you. :welcome to the site.
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