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hello from ireland

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hello from ireland,i have a honda varadero 1000 and a hornet 900 which i am thinking
of changing for the cb1000r when it arrives over here,normaly we get the new
bikes in and around the same time as the uk,hopefully that will be real soon :pray
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Hi digger and :welcome

Not the same thing at all but I had a 125 Varadero and have a 600 Hornet :D Were you a member of the Varadero forums too?

Welcome anyway, hope you like the place and good luck getting hold of the CB :thumbup
:welcome Digger....

The first potential Irish owner in the club (well my dad is Irish but I guess that doesn't count)... :p

Anyway, please keep us all posted of any news or details that you might pick up in the Irish press. I hope you enjoy the club, please feel free to post away in the other forums. :thumbup
Welcome to you Digger! :thumbup For your information Dan has never had a father!! :smoke
Welcome Digger .. from one of the girlies that loiters around here :welcome

There are few of us, just most of them disguise themselves as guys ;)
Welcome Digger. It's nice to have you onboard! :welcome

...just watch out for the guys claiming to be girls. If you are unsure, Felix always recomends you turn em upside down and make sure! :laugh

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Fordzoid said:
Welcome to you Digger! :thumbup For your information Dan has never had a father!! :smoke
:welcome mate, what part of Ireland you from?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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