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:hello I'm Antnee (previously SeeBeeThou), one of the admins. I'm here to help keep the site running but I'm also here to help you wherever I can. Feel free to send me a Private Message with any questions or queries that you don't wish to ask in the public forum, but do remember that the site is all about community and helping each other.

Please consider joining some of the usergroups, including the Mailing List group, so that you can opt-in to receive updates about the site, new offers or the CB1000R itself. You can opt-out of any group at any time. Other groups include the Discounts Access group, which allows you to see what offers we have available to members (you have to post at least one message to gain access to this group) and the Rants/Chatroom access group

Don't be afraid to post something if you're not sure, someone will soon be along to correct you if you're wrong and you'll never know any better if you don't :laugh Ask and you shall learn

Most of all, have a laugh, that's what we're here for. Try not to take things too seriously and we'll repay the favour. Anything goes within reason and common sense and we run the site accordingly.

Lastly I hope to meet most of you at a gathering some time. We hope to arrange them both in the UK and on the European mainland and despite my pathetic grasp of foreign languages I hope that we can get together and all have a great laugh, wherever we're all from.

Oh, and mines a bitter please! :laugh

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Hello from the other Admin

:hello I am DAN (formerly know as BusterDAN) and I am the other administrator here on (except I am older, wiser and altogether better looking!) :thumbup

Some of you may remember me from the Hornets Nest and it is from owning Hornets that I have gained most of my biking knowledge and experience.

I currently ride a Yamaha FZ1-N and whilst I may have "defected" to the darkside... naked streetbikes are very much what I like! The FZ1 is a fantastic bike but Honda really seem to have pulled out all the stops with the CB1000R - finally is this the bike we have all been waiting for? we'll I'm eagerly awaiting a test ride that's for sure! :)

Community spirit, fun, advice and help is what I am promoting within the club and I'm sure many of you feel just the same. We have some big plans and jointly I'm sure we can achieve them all. If you need my assistance then I am just a personal message or email away and always happy to help...

Remember the three F's - FANTASTIC, FREE, FUN.... :respekt

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GKirsten said:
Thank you! You have all made me feel very welcome and I look forward to spending many happy hours on the site :respekt

If you ask anyone questions but Dan & Antnee you will be ok! (cant trust them!)

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