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He makes a good point

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Always thought Honda were going straight after the Z1000 with the CB1000R, but did you ever realise just how similar they are? :lol
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They are very similar, but in Honda's defence, there are a lot of small differences.

Of course, if you remove each of these differences one by one, as the video does, none of them look very big separately. But put the bikes side by side and they look different enough...
When I first saw the CB1000R (I watched the launch live) I thought "hey, cross a 2007 600 Hornet with a Z1000 and what do you get?" The answer seemed obvious to me :D
Just wish they could do away with fitting a cat' on bike and fit a decent looking zorst'.
Talking of exhausts, something like this can't be all that far different...

I'm sure it would be worth Akra making the small changes necessary once the cb1000r is out... ... /?puid=402
Well you should bear in mind that the CB1000R has the 2007 Blade engine in it, not the 08, so it would be a bit more than "little changes" I'm sure, but yeah, something like that on the CB would be sweet! I love Akrapovic cans, the hex design at least, and there's a reason loads of race teams use them too! :thumbup
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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