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Happy New Year

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As much as I don't exactly celebrate New Year (hence why I'm on here at the moment) I wish you all a very happy New Year and hope that 2008 brings good things to us all, especially our fledgling site :thumbup

Anyone care to divulge their resolutions?
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Happy New Year to you too fella :smoke

Why no celebrations though?

Resolutions ... erm ... I'll pass on them for now :lol
All the best, CB People :thumbup
Felix said:
Why no celebrations though?
Think I've said it elsewhere already but I'll repeat myself anyway :D I don't see that a number changing is any more reason to celebrate than my leg not falling off. That's what's supposed to happen! On the other hand, my leg hasn't fallen off today so I think I may go get pissed :thumbup :rollin
Miserable sod.

I think I know what you mean though.

Funny innit how British people discovered the firework in the winter of 1999. Up until then, clever secular politicians encouraged us to let them of in a vain attempt to hide the glorification of religious terrorism.

Then uncle Tony gave coucil tennant dwellers and their extended familieis more money at my (income tax) expense and told them to go forth and light fireworks at the drop of a hat.

I swear this time of year, it is like Basra round here. And this is rural, there is only a finite number of immigrants - whom we ostracize..... well, they aren't local are they?

Stop it!

Fireworks for bonfire night - booze and sick for New Years!
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Happy New Year folks from me and her indoors :thumbup
Gav, you have too many issues! Though I must admit, the last few years it's been impossible to sleep on New Years. At least it's only one night, rather than the fortnight of explosions around bonfire night :D
It's been an eventful year in many years.... some good... some not...

For me 2008 I feel is a year of opportunity. Specifically for this club I see us growing into a community that we can all be proud of.

Thank you to those that have helped keep things ticking along over the past 12 months and continue to do so.

See you in 2008.... but will it be on a FZ1 or CB1000R? :lol
Happy new year to all

my new years resolution is to buy a CB1000R as soon as they come out, oh and to have a better '08 than '07 was

billcbr6 said:
my new years resolution is to ... have a better '08 than '07 was
07 wasn't good to you Bill?
Have a happy one peeps!! :beer

Déjà vu Dan,déjà vu!! (Lazy toss!!) ;)
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