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Fitted SW Motech 20mm handlebar risers to my bike last weekend.

Rode it with them fitted for the first time today.

Riding position definitely feels a bit more upright and comfortable.

Used supplied SW Motech top clamps instead of the Honda top clamp bridge.
Honda item looks much better, but using the SW Motech items makes it far easier to attach my sat nav to the very centre of the handlebars.
Sat nav will be mounted as close as possible to the bars / top clamps, so the lack of the original Honda bridge won't be so noticeable.
How you liking these? Thinking about doing 20mm. Is there a gap where the riser sits in the original mount? Color wise do they look out of place? And last, 28mm sw motech 20mm is the correct part right? I'm 6' 2" and feel like I need a little more rise. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.
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