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Early in my time on the CB, I bought a variety of luggage systems, including the Givi 266FZ side arms for mounting a tail bag. I used this system on a couple tours, then switched to a tail-bag mount at the rear seat position. Now I want to get the rack arms out of my basement.

Here`s what you get:

lrgscale9747-266FZ-Givi-Monorack-Arms-Honda-CB1000R-1600-0 by Don Serl, on Flickr

Givi_266FZ_Rack_Honda_CB1000R by Don Serl, on Flickr

Side arms only, not including Givi mounting plate (that comes supplied with any Givi top-case that you buy).

Also included: the bolts etc to mount said plate to the side arms.

What is NOT included is the hardware to mount the arms to the bike, cuz I've retained that to mount my custom-built system.

You'll have to buy the Givi 1101 Kit, which puts a little cross-brace under the tail, to which the side arms gets bolted. The 1101 Kit includes everything necessary EXCEPT two - hex-head 8mm x 25mm bolts and the matching nylock M8 nuts ( flange head best, but any will do). The kit seems widely available, and costs between about Euro 30 and CDN$ 75. In the fitting instructions, it's the two bolts #5 and nuts #9 that are missing in the 1101 Kit. Super-easy to find.

CB1000R '11-16' : 266FZ - MONORACK SIDEARMS

The deal is, you have to pay shipping. Period.

I've checked Canada Post, and it'll be CDN$40-$50 for anywhere in the USA. Looks like roughly CDN$100 for the UK. The box is 34" x 8" x 6", and weighs about 7 pounds, if you want to check courier rates from your end. I'm in Vancouver BC Canada, postal code V5Z 1Z9.

Touring anyone?
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