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Front Turn Signals on 21+ Black Edition??

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Hi all. Has anyone changed out the front turn signals on a 21+ black edition? I think I have the mounting part figured out, using some fork tube clamps meant for a Harley, but I can't seem to figure out the wiring. I purchased a set of signals that have a white DRL and signal lights which means 3 wires. However, when I look at the wires coming from the harness and then to the signal, there are only 2 wires. And, the connector is different than any I've seen on a Honda (or any motorcycle). TST doesn't have a valid option that I can find since they aren't making anything for the NSC models. I've swapped turn signals on every bike I've owned quite easily but this one is throwing me for a loop. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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well.. there were 3 wires to front indicators on 18 models.. and 2 wires to back ones..

do the 21+ front indicators work as position lights?
do the 21+ front indicators work as position lights?
Thanks for the reply. Yes, they are always on when the bike is on and only start flashing once the indicator button is activated. Hence, why I am confused. My guess is the ECU tells the indicator to stay on all the time and only flash once the turn signal is activated. Added some pictures for reference. Looks like I'll only be able use the signal function on the new lights and the DRL (position light) function won't work. Quite frustrating to be honest...

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